Lately I have decided that I am not a healthy person. I mean, I am physically healthy, but I do not eat healthily, exercise or… ok I just don’t eat healthy or exercise. BUT I am amazingly healthy for someone who shouldn’t be… just ask my doctor. But, as time moves a long, I am realizing that I am getting closer and closer to having to be healthy for someone else too (a baby ya’ll!! but not yet!). So I am trying to get into a routine of making better choices with my health; at least when it comes to eating. I am too lazy right now to forgo sleep and add a little exercise to my day.

With the unhealthy eating, this is usually what my diet consist of each day: diet coke with two granola bars (the unhealthy, pre-packaged, sugary kind), maybe a banana, usually fast food for lunch, and dinner is just eat what you can (I don’t cook much). Oh, and throw in about 5 pieces of chocolate a day… maybe more. What?! It’s an addiction I know, but I love it! Yeah, unhealthy. I should be about 10 sizes larger than I am. So, in the whole “get healthy” thought process, I have decided to start the day off with fruit smoothies, add in some healthy snacks through out the day (celery and peanut butter anyone?) and actually start cooking at night (have yet to jump into that one, but that is a whole other post about the husband as well).

Here is what my morning smoothie is made up of (I got the recipe from here, but have made a couple of modifications):

1 1/4 cup of orange juice

1/2 banana

2 tbsp of Anutra (this is the nutritional supplement I add that is very seedy in texture, but has good stuff in it and I found for $18/container at Kroger)

handful of frozen berries (there is also a bag of frozen berries at Kroger that has rasberries, blueberries and blackberries in it for just $3.99 – one bag usually lasts me about 3-4 smoothies)

2 tbsp of protein

1/2 cup of sugar free vanilla yogurt

handful of spinach (you can’t taste it! and it adds iron to your smoothie)

Throw it all into a blender and mix it up until it is good and smooth in consistency (it’s a smoothie, hello!)

And that is it. Like I said, with the berries and the Anutra, it is a bit seedy, but if you just gulp it down it isn’t too bad. Trust me, if I – a very picky and high maintenance person with my food, can drink it, I am betting anyone can.

I usually will drink that and take a multi-vitamin, baby aspirin (blood clots run in my family) and a B-12 every morning. You really don’t notice the difference in energy until you have a day like I had yesterday. I slept late and didn’t get my current morning breakfast routine, so I had to settle for my previous breakfast plan: diet coke and two sugary granola bars. ALL day I was exhausted and couldn’t figure it out. Then at the end of the day it hit me: I didn’t have my healthy breakfast! So, today I made sure I jumped right back into it and am feeling great! Now if only I could get the motivation to start exercising…

What is your morning breakfast routine?