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I think I am sort of a hippy at heart and just don’t know how to do it. I grew up in a home where everything was provided for me without me having to work much at all for it. Boy was I spoiled (and a brat). At least I know it now and can grow from it. πŸ™‚ My parents, bless their hearts, wanted to provide and give us everything we could ever want and they worked their tails off and sacrificed a lot for us kids… only to have us become horrid (at least the girls, Josh was always the favorite) teenagers. I never got into major trouble, but I was most certainly entitled and ungrateful. (I already know now my mom will comment here or on Facebook about this).

Wait a minute… I was going to talk about babywearing.

Anywho… back to being a hippy and not knowing how. I want to be a hippy I think. And not the wearing rainbows, free loving kind, but the grow my own food, be a stay-at-home mom, buy local produce, cook my own healthy food, cloth diapers, sewing loving and wear my babies kind. I just don’t know how. Also, I am extremely a bit lazy.

Lately, I have really wanted to start utilizing my baby sling my very sweet friend made for me. I haven’t used it a ton lately, my son is 15 months old and not super used to it. Also, it hurts my shoulders and back because I have not gradually built those muscles as he grows like I have with my arms. I have been dealing with a lot of guilt lately because Jet (my kiddo) plays by himself a lot. We have play dates, go to the park, read to him a TON and play with him as well, but I feel like when I am moving around the house I would rather be having face-to-face time with him more often (not all of the time).

I know what you are thinking: “That child is going to be awful or a momma’s boy”. Well to the first, he is not awful. He is super happy and we get the comment “He is such a happy baby” Β so often that I have wondered if it is common for babies to be depressed or in full blown trantrums 90% of the time. To the second, he has been called a momma’s boy, to my face, a couple of times before. At first I was offended. Then, I thought, “You know what, I am ok with that. In my line of work (social work) I have seen this is sorely lacking in our world”. So, say what you want, I am ok with that. My boy is happy and well loved. Ok, sorry for the rant. Again, notΒ defensiveΒ  just well thought out. Jeez with the rants already!

I really like the ring slings because they seem the most practical and the easiest to carry around. Oh, not the no-sew ones though because that does NOT seem practical to have to re-thread it each time if you are on the go. I am youtubing it up trying to learn different holds and ways to use the ring sling. I am excited. I want a couple of different ring slings, instead of just the one I have now. It is looking like I am going to make them since they are usually around $100 to buy new (seriously!). Β It will probably be a little bit though because the bobbin on my sewing machine hates me and even though I am threading it EXACTLY like the youtube videos say (see a trend here?), it’s answer is still “Nope, not this time”. We are taking a break from each other now in an effort for me to not thrown the dang thing out my really high upstairs window.

What are your thoughts on babywearing? Any suggestions on type of fabric to use? Have any of you used the ring sling and have any thoughts? And can anyone fix my bobbin? Please?


This is a draft of a post I for some reason never posted. I wrote it almost two years ago and it is just too good to not share. Enjoy πŸ™‚

Sometimes I am pretty lazy when Tim gets up and starts roaming around the house. I just try to listen to what he is getting into. One night I was laying in bed while he was in the bathroom and I hear him drop something small and plastic onto the sink. I quickly realize he is trying to put in his contacts. I guess he was just slipping into his morning routine… only at 1 AM (side note: I wonder if he is sleepwalking some mornings when he gets up and that’s why he gets so irritable with me). I knew this would never be good, so I rush in there and tell him to put down his contact case and come back to bed. He gets ticked off at me (which he normally does while sleepwalking and I prevent him from doing something he is trying to do) but does as I ask.

I get back to bed before him. When I see him coming back into the bedroom he has my glasses on. Now this is hilarious to me for two reasons: 1) he has glasses on that are noticeably feminine; 2) he is blind as a bat and what I see is barely fuzzy. There is no way my glasses are doing anything for him. So I asked him, “Why do you have my glasses on?” He said he couldn’t find his own and mine were right there. This is very suspicious to me since I know that I left mine on my bedside table. Since the bathroom is on his side of the bed that meant he got up, came to my side of the bed to get my glasses, and then walked back to the bathroom. There is no logic to this to me. So I asked him if they were actually doing anything for him (oh yeah, I can have a full conversation with him in his sleep… no one would really know he was sleepwalking but me b/c he looks totally awake). At that point, he gets mad takes them off and comes back to bed. Aaand now he is done talking with me.

I used to lay there confused staring at him, but now I usually just have a laugh and go back to sleep. It is always followed by us waking up in the morning and me asking, “Do you remember anything from last night?” That is just never a good question to be asked. Do you see what I am dealing with here? I swear, when we have kids, between them and Tim I will never get to sleep.

Oh the nesting phase

I don’t know why, but I assumed when everyone spoke of this “nesting phase” of pregnancy that I would also get a burst of energy with it. So not true. I have not been able to keep myself from cleaning and organizing, but I am also pretty exhausted from it all. Also, to add to my new obsession, who thought it was a good idea to make Pinterest crazy popular during my pregnancy?! I can’t get enough! I finally told myself I had to STOP buying organizing materials (but I haven’t really stopped, I just tell myself that to feel better).

To name a few of the things I have done (and those inspired by Pinterest will be linked):

  • Clean and organize the refrigerator
  • Take everything out of my kitchen cabinets & then reorganize it all (which includes multiple smaller projects)
  • Clean out the junk room & turn it into the nursery
  • Clean out my clothing closet, multiple times
  • Bathe, dry & brush my dogs (all while 8.5 months pregnant)
  • Fix the kitchen sink plumbing (again, 8.5 months pregnant)
  • Clean & organize the entire basement, which has been my husband’s work out/storage/junk area for about a year
  • Make my own laundry detergent
  • Make 1/2 of the Christmas gifts we gave
  • Sew the curtains for the nursery
  • Do all of the normal “get the nursery ready” tasks
  • Rearrange our bedroom furniture
  • Sketch out a new furniture floor plan for every room in our house
  • Clean out hall closet to make mini-mudroom
  • I have also started cooking a lot more

Folks, it is getting out of control. Goodwill LOVES me right now. Or thinks I am crazy. Maybe both. I still plan on scrubbing both bathrooms, clean and reorganize my laundry closet, organize the upstairs closet, rearrange the loft (where my home office will be – that’s right, I am going to start working from home!), clean the kitchen REALLY well, scrub all floors and probably a lot more. Oh yeah, and I have only three weeks to go. We’ll see how that goes. And before you wonder where my husband is during all of this, he is usually at work when I decide I want to do another task and I don’t want to wait on him. He doesn’t mind.

I will take pictures of the nursery and put those up in the next week or so. A big nursery reveal should be loads of fun πŸ™‚

And just because posts are more fun with pictures, here is one of my refrigerator after I organized it.

the little dude

I know, I know. I go probably four months with out posting and here I am getting all wild & crazy posting not once, but TWICE in one afternoon. I am too much for my own good.

I just wanted to give a little update on the little dude. First off, while I don’t really want to put his full name on here, I will let you know that his nickname (from his initials) is JET. I am really excited about it b/c 1) it’s original & 2) what little boy wouldn’t want such a fun nickname?! Anyway, that is what I will refer to him on here, just so you know.

Since revealing his nickname to some friends, one of them vowed to sing songs when she sees me with the word “Jet” in them. I didn’t think about it until then, but one of my favorite songs growing up was Benny & the Jets, so I adore this idea πŸ™‚

I am now 25 weeks along and feeling great. Honestly the only thing that is uncomfortable is how sore my belly and…. other parts of me are at times. I am a little worried about when this kid (yeah, I call him that too) gets a little bigger in my belly b/c he is a mover & a shaker. Seriously, this kids loves to dance. And did I mention he seems to be a night owl too? Because he is. He doesn’t seem to want to kick like crazy during the day so others can feel it, no… that would prove to be too much for him. He likes to just hang out with me apparently (which I will admit I am already kind of loving!). Starting around 10 PM most nights you would think he had a trampoline in my belly. Oh wait, he does: my bladder. I can seriously sit and watch my belly move up and down. I just hope he is able to move less when he gets a bit bigger. I felt him kick my rib the other day. It has started already.

Okay, okay. It sounds like I am complaining. I really am not. I LOVE it. I love getting to have him all to myself right now. I just wish I could see his little face. I adore this little one and am in love already. I seriously cannot wait to hold him and love on him. Even more so, I can’t wait to see his daddy hold him πŸ™‚ I have a feeling there is nothing hotter than a daddy holding and loving on his baby. Does that sound weird? Whatever.

Anyway, get ready for more updates on here. I live at least 300 miles from all of the family (on my side) so I will be posting on here to keep them updated on what is going on with the little one. Oh, and he is the first grandchild so you know he will be spoiled! I have lived here for 7 years with my parents visiting maybe once a year. Now they plan on visiting multiple times. Not because of me, because of him. Since they usually take us out to eat and spoil us while they are here I won’t be too jealous. Maybe.

Have you ever said something that totally meant to be comforting but backfired, horribly? Tim did the other day, and I am here to let you all know about it… and laugh with you πŸ™‚

Saturday when Tim gave me a hug I put my face against his neck. He said to me that I had a cold nose. Later on that evening he gave me another hug and said my nose was still cold. Then he said (this is where it gets good), “It’s probably because it is SO big!”. I then have a look on my face like, “What the…?” You could almost see the wheels turning in his head while he was trying to figure a way out of this little predicament. He said, “I mean, it’s far away from your face… like a horse!” I then started to slowly back away. Even though I knew he didn’t mean it, it still stung a little, all the while being hilarious. He said, “I only said that b/c you say your nose is big!”. I truly did not know how to react. After him panicking for a couple of minutes and not letting me out of our hug, we finally just laughed it off.

But seriously… who says that?! So me and my extra large schnoz will be milking Tim’s slip up for awhile πŸ™‚

lovin the deals!

Tim and I have been looking for a washer and dryer to purchase with some of our tax return money for a couple of months now. We have literally bought a used washer and dryer three times now since we have been married. That is nearly a washer and dryer set every year of marriage. Ridiculous. So, we wanted to buy a new one, and I don’t mean “new to us”. Right now our washer is leaking (however it is leaking within its own barrel, so it hasn’t been that bad) and the ball baring is going bad in the dryer so it is really shrilly & squeaky when we dry clothes. We are really hurting for something a bit better.

I had heard that in February there are really good sales on w & d sets. I am not a good bargain hunter at all. One time when I was trying to do the whole couponing thing I spent $75 over my budget while trying to get the good deals. I get impatient and frustrated very easily with it. So, I was hoping in February I would just walk into an appliance store and wallah, there would be a GREAT deal just waiting on me. No such luck. When we went back in Feb, they were only taking 15% off, and that didn’t equal to much.

Yesterday, after a looong hard day, Tim and I were going out to blow off some steam. You know, in the crazy way we do…. to buy him a rain jacket. (I know, it is hard to handle just how wild we are). We went to the mall and didn’t really find anything he liked. While we were there I remembered my mom telling me that Sears was having a sale on all appliances. I really thought it was the same sale as last time we were there but we would check it out anyway.

When we went to Sears, the sale had actually jumped up to 30% off Kenmore appliances. We quickly started looking at the different deals and found one we actually liked and was in our price range. Since we don’t want anything fancy in a w & d, we ended up finding one that was $319 a piece, marked down from $435 each. I thought that was a really good deal. After talking to the sales guy, we decided to forgo the additional four-year warranty since both pieces already came with a one year. After having so many used w & d sets, we know a guy (actually a gal) who is a really good appliance repairer. We figured if anything breaks after a year we can talk with her or fix it ourselves (another perk to having used vehicles and appliances, you learn to fix them yourself). We also are not getting it delivered, which would have cost us another 70 bucks.

While we were being rung up, it was discovered the only dryer left was the display. Since there is a warranty and there was no visibly damage, we really didn’t mind. When he was saying they were all out I just said casually (and confidently :)), “So how much more of a discount will you give me for the display?” I really think the salesman was a bit surprised (and so was I!), but ended up taking it down to $299. That’s not a lot of from the sales price, but getting a dryer for $299 that was originally $435 is pretty exciting to me! We ended up paying $650 + tax on something that would have been $870 + tax. Wahoo!

Saturday we will go pick up our new w & d. I really can’t wait to do a load of laundry and there actually be quiet in the house πŸ™‚

Kenmore Washer & Dryer set

At this point in our marriage, I am a really light sleeper. I have to be. Tim has gotten into some crazy things. Like the time I woke up and he had incredibly good breath (especially for morning breath). I thought that was odd, but didn’t really think much else about it. That is until I went into the bathroom and saw the Listerine I just bought that week was now half way gone. Oh no. With Tim and his sleepwalking, sometimes you have to be a little open minded when figuring the events of the previous night out (wow that sounds like he is a drunk… I can assure you he is not). I don’t remember how we figured it out, but we deduced that he had drank the Listerine. Great. Can I just say no matter how you put it, the people at poison control will continue to ask questions to figure out exactly what happened. And when they found out it was my husband, a grown man, who had drank this possibly hazardous liquid, well they just had to know why. So then I find myself in a conversation about how bad my husband’s sleepwalking is and she begins to give me advise about locking things up at night. She actually wanted me to put child safety locks on everything. Let me just say that would only tick him off. He has a very short temper while sleep walking.

He ended up just fine. This was actually about a year ago. Since then I have found out that he most likely did NOT drink the Listerine. He actually rinses his mouth out every time he gets up during the night. Which is about 2-3 a night, whether it be to pee, or get a late night snack (which he also does in his sleep).

I will tell you that the more interesting stories are when I move the bedroom furniture around. It took me almost two years to realize that my love of rearranging the bedroom furniture (no really, I have done this all of my life, no clue why) and his sleep walking don’t really make a good match. One of them had to go. And sense I don’t think he has any control over his, I reluctantly gave up my little hobby. He has after all run head first into walls before because of this. Now, I have no idea WHY he was running in his sleep, but I promised I would keep the furniture in the same place after that.

Incidentally, I find this pretty comical… hence me sharing it with you πŸ™‚

upcoming posts…

Lately I have been trying to figure out common happenings in my life that I could document on here. You know, like people who are crafty or good with their camera or adding to their family (by adoption or pregnancy) or great cooks or are living in another country. Only… I am none of those things. So what in the world could I tell you about on a regular basis? After some thought, I think I have come up with a couple of goods topics. I hope I don’t bore you too much, but these are just things that keep me entertained and going… or at least adds to it. And right now it is a bit past my bedtime, so I am just going to bullet point them for you.

  • Sleep-walking Hubby: My husband sleepwalks, every. night. No joke. This is such an odd thing to deal with (one that I was NOT warned about before the wedding). And oh yes, I HAVE to deal with it. I have to wake up when he gets up or else he will get into stuff he shouldn’t while walking in your sleeping. And b/c you are not supposed to wake up a sleepwalker (right?) I just gently guide him along. Even then he gets very upset with me (while still asleep) if a jar him too much. Then the next morning he never remembers a thing. Sometimes he doesn’t even believe the stories. I’ll now be sharing some of those stories with you. And for those of you who already know some of the crazier things he has done, please note that I will be leaving those OUT b/c, well quite frankly, I don’t want to be locked out of my own house. And for those of you who don’t know anything about this, you now know that he does things in his sleep that are crazy enough to be left out of documentation. Thank goodness he doesn’t get on Facebook or read my blog. Let’s keep that one between you and me πŸ˜‰
  • The loyal pup: My dog Kansas absolutely loves me. I am not boasting in the least. In fact, it can be annoying at times. She always thinks she has to be right by my side. It does get cute though when she positions herself sitting right next to me, but then acts like she doesn’t notice me (even though she is literally peaking at me in the corner of her eye). It’s like she is saying, “Here I am just in case you would like to love on me!” I’ll be sharing the occasional picture of ridiculous and/or cute times that she has made her presence known. I’ll share one with you now. See, isn’t she so sweet?! I was making the bed, turned around to grab a pillowcase and when I turned back around I found this:

Kansas, being ridiculous

Notice she is not looking at me directly. See… just casually making herself available to be loved on.

  • Workin’ on the ole abode: This past week I have been inspired. I have spent quite a bit of time over here and while I will by no means be doing renovations like they have, I will be making some home improvements. This past month I have done quite a bit to our condo. (It’s about time, we have nearly lived here a year!) While doing these projects I have discovered how much I really like to assemble and build things. So, hopefully, armed with my dad’s love for carpentry (you know, passed down to me) and my husband’s tools, I’ll be able to make some adjustments to our little home… and document them here. I already have one project finished and ready to share with you… but not tonight. Soon though πŸ™‚

Ok, that’s all for now. I am sure there are other regular topics in my life, but these are what I will concentrate on for now, along with other random rantings that go through my head. I hope you enjoy reading πŸ™‚


tomato, tomato…

My husband makes fun of me for how I pronounce “clothes”. I make sure you can hear the “th” when I say the word, while he says it more like “close”.

How do you say the word? Are there other words you say that you might pronounce a little differently than others?

I want to take a moment to brag on my God right now. To do this, I need to tell you a little story about the past couple of months in my life.

My husband and I bought a condo in May. We LOVE it. We really do. It has been the perfect first home (that we own) for us. Because we purchased a home, we were expecting to get the first time home buyers tax credit. Now if you know us, you know my husband has a really old truck. You will also know how much he loves his truck. He has named it and even gets defensive if I speak ill of said truck (thank goodness he does not read my blog nor get on Facebook!). His truck is a 24 year old Toyota 4×4 Pickup. If you are a guy, you would most likely marvel at it, rust and all. If you are a girl, you would most likely feel sorry for me when I have to drive the thing. But, to its defense, it is A LOT of fun to drive it when there is snow and ice on the roads. It does not effect it whatsoever. SO much fun. Anyways, I am rambling, we really thought that Bee (the truck, named after Bumblebee on Transformers πŸ™‚ would die before Nissandra (my little 11 year old Nissan Sentra). Both have been GREAT vehicles, besides a ton few major minor hiccups along the way. Regardless, you would think, you would THINK the car would outlast the truck.

So, b/c of all of this way of thinking, when we got the housing tax credit, we were planning on trading the truck in along with a good down payment for a new (to us) vehicle. That was the plan the WHOLE time. And while we had this plan, it took longer than I would have thought for the said tax credit to come in. I messed up the paperwork (b/c I tried to do it all myself, not knowing what I was doing whatsoever), so it was sent back to us telling us to redo it. I was really frustrated and stressed out because of all of this. I really thought we needed the tax credit asap. But I was not expecting it until December, hopefully. Well, about three weeks ago we received a letter in the mail from the IRS stating they had received all of our paperwork, everything was good to go and we should receive our payment in three to four weeks. We were excited, but also antsy.

While all this is going on (all of this meaning everyday checking the mail box only to come up empty handed – no check), my car, Nissandra, breaks down at a busy intersection in town… during lunch hour. Lately it has sounded a little too much one of those VW cars that has the diesel engine (that’s right, right?), only it does not in fact have a diesel engine. As I was sitting at this intersection waiting for my green light, I realize how quiet Nissandra all of a sudden is. I look at my dash to discover she has died. Only, it didn’t jump the way a five-speed usually does when you it stalls. So, as I try to restart it, I find that it won’t restart. I was SO embarrassed b/c I was the first car in a long line of vehicles waiting for a green light, and now my car won’t budge (the Lord has also been teaching me about my own pride and humbling me quite a bit lately, which is for another post). So while I call Tim, the nice man in the car behind me comes up to my car and offers to push me out of the way. I felt so bad for him b/c no one offered to help him (I was steering and he was pushing my car by himself), but SO grateful for him.

Anyway, a long story short, we had my car towed. We also had some AMAZING friends let us borrow one of their vehicles so we would not have to rely on Tim’s truck (that just wouldn’t start on Sunday, but then decided to start on Monday) or rent a car.

We got a call yesterday from the mechanic. It will cost at least $1,400 to fix my car, and possibly another $1,000. I said to the man, “Well that sounds more than it is worth”, then he replied with a simple, “Yes ma’am”. Great. I told Tim, “Who would have thought Nissandra would go out before Bee!” and he replied, “Well I would”. Of course. Always loyal TO A TRUCK.

So, I started looking all over the internet for good deals on vehicles for me, since we do not have the tax credit in yet, and no one will take my car as a trade in now that it has kicked it. Tim and I discussed our options, but weren’t stressed out about it. I have no idea why, but we really weren’t stressed. Tim had an unusually free Thursday night, so we went out on a date. After we got back we strolled down to the mailbox to check the mail. Guess what was in there: the check! After us BOTH doing a happy dance and praising God in the parking lot, we then talked about the perfect timing in all of this.

Here it is: the point to this post :):

If we would have gotten the check ANY earlier, we would have most definitely traded in the truck with the money as a down payment for a new vehicle. Then we would have a newer vehicle with a payment, then my car would have died. Then we would have had to, at some point, need to get another vehicle with a payment. Not ideal for our situation. But because the check came in the SAME day we found out Nissandra is gone forever, we will (hopefully) have a vehicle that will last at least a year longer + a reliable vehicle with no payment. Now we know which vehicle will be able to do that.

How GOOD is our GOD! HIS timing is PERFECT. I was just thinking this morning how pointless my anxiety and frustration was about getting all of the paperwork turned in and get the process complete. That was MY timing, not His. He knows what is going on. He has got it under control.

Okay, like I said, I just wanted to take a moment to brag πŸ™‚

Tell me about a time when it was evident God’s timing is perfect in your life.