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A lot of people out there create lists of things that they want to do one day. Honestly, I am a fickle person and my list probably changes pretty often. But right now, these are the things that have remained consistent for awhile now:

  1. learn archery
  2. read thru the entire Bible
  3. own a gecko
  4. go back to the Philippines
  5. fly a kite
  6. go hunting and make my own meal from what I bring back
  7. go on a camping trip that last at least a couple of nights
  8. learn to fish… and do it well
  9. adopt
  10. birth a baby
  11. live on a farm

Okay, these all seem pretty simple, but hey I’m a simple girl.

What is on your list?


This weekend was good. I really don’t remember much about Friday, Saturday or Sunday. They were normal weekend days. But yesterday was a lot of fun, I think maybe it was simply that I had the day off from work. We slept late, played tennis, hung out with friends, and then played dominoes and ate pizza for several hours. I am very sore today from all of the tennis.

After our friends went home last night, Tim and I wrestled on the front porch for awhile. He woke up this morning with a big bruise on his wrist!  The only explanation we could think of was…me. I felt so bad. He doesn’t seem to mind. But I really don’t remember hitting him while we wrestled. 😦

Today is back to normal…except I am sore.

What did you do for your Memorial Day Weekend?

Update: We figured out that I DID NOT leave a bruise on Tim. It was from his racket after playing tennis all day.

I really don’t know if the “da da”s are right for the lyrics of that song. Oh well. It fits…for me at least. This post is basically just going to be bullets points of the weekend/day to save me (and most definitely you) from having to type out tons of paragraphs 🙂

  • This past weekend was Girls’ Weekend in Gatlinburg. Katie Beth and myself have not seen each other in months. And because she just got back from an amazing three month trip to Italy, it was about time we played catch up! (Pictures to come later, but not very many b/c I am a horrible photographer apparently!)
  • I got some really great pin striped pants from the Banana Republic outlet store. They are a tad too big and a tad too long, but hey, I figure it is better than a tad too tight!
  • Tim and I had a great night last night. When I got home he talked me into going to the gym with him. I agreed, but only because I could walk on the tredmill and get by pretty easy. We got there, and no joke, the darn thing wouldn’t turn on. So, I did 20 minutes on the olyptical. My legs were like jello later on! (I am SO out of shape)
  • Tim and I, along with the rest of our Community Group, are going through a marriage work book. It is pretty interesting. We will see how it goes. More than anything, I am enjoying sitting down with Tim and going through it together.
  • I wore my hair wavy today. I hardly ever do, but I like it 🙂 mypicture1
  • My driver’s side window on my car has great difficulty rolling back up at times if you choose to roll it down (it is electric). This morning I swung by Pal’s to get some sweet tea and a sausage biscuit. I am lazy and it is cold, so I decided to risk it and just roll down the window. Yeah, it didn’t roll back up. So I had to make the thirty minute drive w/ the window down, with it snowing and the temperature at 19 degrees! Holy cow! Thankfully I got it to roll back up around 10 this morning.
  • Talked to Bethany today about Interim Care. Not that we will be choosing this any time soon, just looking at our options. (No, we are not serious enough right now to set up any appointments. The building I work in has a Bethany office, so I see them every day. Just a convenient chat 🙂
  • Going to the doctor today to get my second round of Hep. B shots for our Ethiopia trip in June 🙂
  • I am really starting to get worried about my memory. I seem to have no short term memory. But then I can remember some of the most random things to the detail. It is really odd. And embarrassing at times.

Ok, I think that is all I have going on right now! Busy, busy! But fun times!

How was your weekend/Monday?

As I have told you already, there will be no travel on our Christmas Day. I absolutley love this plan. I LOVE our family! I do, so much. But I am so tired of travel and obligations on the holidays. No more I say, and so does Tim too. Tomorrow will be filled with sleeping in, cooking, hanging out with Kansas and Blu, long walks, hot chocolate, cooking again, movies, and more….if only we had a fireplace (we fell in love with the fireplaces at the timeshare this past weekend; more on that later).

To start off the day, I will make some great coffee for Tim and some hot chocolate for me. I will also cook this. Then we will probably go on a long walk with Blu and Kansas.

Blu and Kansas

Blu and Kansas

After that we might come in for a game of Catch Phrase or the ERS card game that I am no good at. Then for some lunch. After lunch we may take a nap or watch a movie or who knows. It doesn’t matter because today is obligation free day!! (It does sound extremely self centered now, but truthfully we are starting this tradition now for when we have children. I really want to infuse in them the importance of family and not obligations. And I love the idea of just staying home with the kiddos on the holidays just cooking, cuddling, talking about the important things, and just loving on each other. We most certainly want to spend time with family for the holidays…just not ON the holidays). Then to start cooking again. I am thinking about cooking this, with this. Then after dinner we will curl up on the couch and read the Christmas Story of baby Jesus and give praise and thanks to our Lord and Saviour.

What are you doing for Christmas?

Yesterday, Tim and I took two boys, Nathan-3 yrs and Daniel-5 yrs, to the circus (which the whole experience of the circus is a whole different post). We had so much fun with the boys. I loved getting to hang out with them. I used to babysit them once a week, a long with their your brother Dalton, but then we moved and it was too far for me to drive. At some point during the afternoon I looked at Tim and said, “I could do this”. He asked, “What?”. I said, “I could have kids…and right now”. He just kind of laughed it off. Later on in the evening, he looked at me and said, “I am exhausted! We are not doing this for a long time!” I quickly informed him that the older we get the more tired we will be. He ignored me. 😉

One of the really funny things that happened during the afternoon full of fun is we went to McDonald’s (the request for McDonald’s totally caught me off guard…I must say that I really didn’t want to go there. Again, a topic for a different post). While we were there, Nathan sits straight up in his chair laughs and then proclaims very loudly, “I farted. I farted again!”. Tim burst out laughing and so did Daniel. I tried to hold back the chuckles while I told Nathan to not say that so loudly. Then Nathan got embarrassed b/c the boys were laughing at him and started pointing at them while whispering, “You be quite and you be quite”.

I am telling you…I could do this!

I know, I know, the grammar in my title is incorrect. I don’t care. Julie has posted the pictures of one of my favorite weddings that I have been to. Go check them out! They are gorgeous and unlike any other wedding I have ever seen. Even if you do not know Kelly and Ian, you will love these pictures. They tell the story of the genuineness, the love, the fun, and the community that made up that day. It seemed to be the perfect day! Go HERE to see!!

Win a GORGEOUS Quilt!!

Go on over to Pigtails and Snails for your chance to win a really beautiful quilt! Good luck!!

Saturday was so much fun! Unfortunately, I do not have pictures. At the very last minute I went to charge the batteries in my camera and couldn’t find them. Strange. That makes me sad, but Julie Roberts will have pictures posted hopefully by Thursday from the wedding (which her’s will be so much better than anything I could ever do!). She already has a preview posted. I am very excited to see the pictures from Kelly & Ian’s wedding!

The wedding was so unique. Nothing like any wedding I have ever been to! It was in an apple orchard in Whitetop, VA. People brought quilts to sit on, which looked lovely. Several people stayed standing during the ceremony. Honestly, I do not believe everyone can pull off certain things for a wedding. Kelly and Ian definitly pulled this off. Everything was so care free. She was BEAUTIFUL! I cried (which I have only recently started crying at weddings). And then after it was all over, we picked apples and ate them! How fun!

**Side note: At the orchard there were several bees buzzing around. I am not the type of person who is scared of bees. I know that if you just leave them alone and don’t act scared, they will leave you be…usually. After the ceremony, I was about to give a friend a hug when Tim walked by and told me to watch out for the bee. I never actually saw the bee. Then I went to hug Mary and she pulled me to her rather forcefully (that is part of her really good hugs :)). We did not notice the bee was between us. As she hugged me, I was stung right next to my thorax. Oh how that hurt! I walked away from everyone b/c I didn’t want anyone to see me crying. Tim was so great to take care of me. I am not allergic to bees, thank goodness. So I just had a whelp, and a little hiving. But everything was great later on.**

The reception was at a community center that had the most gorgeous scenery. I informed Tim that I want to move to Virginia one day. He agreed. This season has been one of the most gorgeous in a few years, as far as leaves changing goes. The reception was so much fun! It was a potluck, which went so well made me start wondering why more weddings do not have potluck receptions! Then later there was square dancing (Kelly and Ian both are big into dancing! And they are really fun to watch too). I love to watch that, and to dance too.

For the whole day we got to travel there and back with a really great couple, Silas and Mollie. Silas was Tim’s best man in our wedding. We had so much fun riding with them there and back. I love having such great people as friends!

How was your weekend?

Tomorrow I am going to a wedding of a friend that I haven’t really gotten to see much of in awhile. I am so excited. This is not going to be like any other wedding I have ever been too! And, it is a potluck wedding. You heard that right! I am excited! The wedding will be in an orchard in Boone. Yay for Boone! I bet it is beautiful this time of year! I will be sure to post lots of pictures next week. I hope your weekend is a great one. Here is a picture of me and the beautiful bride (which I will admit that it is my husband who is cut out of the picture b/c he intentionally messed it up by not smiling…he loves to do that):

That’s right, I said it. I just got the pictures developed from a disposable camera. They turned out horrible. I am not too happy with them. From the beam of light going through most of them, to the poor quality, they just didn’t leaving me feeling happy. However, I do love the content of a lot of the pictures.

Take a look: