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A lot of people out there create lists of things that they want to do one day. Honestly, I am a fickle person and my list probably changes pretty often. But right now, these are the things that have remained consistent for awhile now:

  1. learn archery
  2. read thru the entire Bible
  3. own a gecko
  4. go back to the Philippines
  5. fly a kite
  6. go hunting and make my own meal from what I bring back
  7. go on a camping trip that last at least a couple of nights
  8. learn to fish… and do it well
  9. adopt
  10. birth a baby
  11. live on a farm

Okay, these all seem pretty simple, but hey I’m a simple girl.

What is on your list?


3 Months and waiting…

Laura at Pitter Patter Art is incredibly talented. Her love of crafts and art has transformed into a full blown business that is sought after all over the nation. She is that good. Laura also has another passion: her family. Along with her husband, they have chosen to build part of their family through the process of adoption. They have already brought home one son from Ethiopia and are now waiting for their second. They have been on the wait list to be matched with their son for 3 months. As a celebration of another month closer to their boy, Laura is holding another giveaway.

Be sure to head over and enter to win this amazing art piece. I really hope I win!! It would look SO good on the wall at the top of my stairs 🙂 (Like how I am planning it out already?!)

You can enter until this Friday, February 18, at midnight.

and we’re off…

Tuesday night we (Tim and myself) went to an informational meeting with Bethany Christian Services. I was so excited to go. To be honest, I knew most of the information they told us. I have been doing research on adoption and have followed other people in their journey for nearly two years now. But still, it felt as though it is now official that we are starting the process. Tuesday was not anything that was technically official, but it made it official for me. 🙂

This summer, right after July 17 (that’s my birthday, mark your calendars!), we will submit our preliminary application to Bethany. After that is completed and we are approved past that step, we will receive a packet of info that will tell us everything we need to know to put our dossier (for those not in the adoption world, it is pronounced da-se-ay) together. This will include stuff like our homestudy, fingerprints, psyc evaluation (which is only required by certain countries, the Philippines being one), marriage certificate, reference letters, and much much more. After all of that is complete, we will have to send it off to the Philippines to begin the long wait. From the time ICAB receives our info, as long as everything in the packet is correct, the wait could be between 2 to 3 years. That is a long time, but we are ready for that. Tim says he doesn’t want kids for another 2 to 3 years anyway, so it works out well.

I cannot tell you how excited I am. If you know me, you know I want a baby NOW. I am hurting for a baby in a bad way. Not even lying. But, I can wait a little longer. Now would not be the best timing, I know that. 😦 I will stop pouting now…at least out loud.

For those of you who do not know, these are the specifics of our adoption at this point. Anything and everything could change. This is what we feel led to right now though: Our first (yes, I said first) adoption will be from the Philippines. We will probably apply for a child between 2 to 4 years of age (in the Philippines, the earliest age you can adopt is 2 years, I think). We will not care if it is a boy or girl. At this point we do not want to pursue any type of special needs child. I am not sure if we would be open to a sibling group or not, we have not really talked about that. Right now, that is what I know, which isn’t much. I will be sure to fill you all in as we move along in this crazy journey.

One thing that I know for certain is the cost. My goodness the cost. Up front, we will pay Bethany approx. $7,450. That will be for our homestudy, etc. All together (travel cost, country costs, Bethany costs, etc) the entire thing will be around $25,000. It is a lot of money, but so worth it. And just to make it clear, I do wish it wouldn’t cost so much, but I know that we have to pay these people to do their jobs, and I am okay with that. The people at Bethany are wonderful. I have actually gotten to know some of them pretty well because their office in our city is located in my building 🙂

I have some ideas of how to raise the money, but with any large amount needing to be raised, I worry a lot little about it. I am not a creative person like Lara. I don’t know a ton of people because I am a fabulous blogger like Jamie. I am not good at designing things like Debra. So, I have to find other ways. So far, these are my ideas:

  • Parents’ Night Out: I did this with my church when we were raising money to build the clean water well in Ethiopia. I had so many parents tell me that I should do this once a month. So… as long as my church allows it (I have not even talked to them about this yet), I hope to do just that. The parents bring their kiddos and we watch them for a couple of hours so the grown-ups can go out. We don’t charge, we just accept donations. I figure if we did this once a month it could bring in a good amount.
  • Run a Marathon: I will hate myself for this one. And, me putting this on here will hopefully provide some accountability. I hope to train and run in a marathon and get people to sponsor me. They could sponsor me so much per mile (i.e. $1/mile or $2/mile) or they could just make a donation. I will keep you posted on this too. I will hopefully be choosing a marathon in the next couple of days to be training for. I am not in shape but am not overweight,  and am not a runner. So how much time do you think I should give myself to train?
  • We will also probably send out a traditional letter announcing that we are “paper pregnant” and if anyone wants to be a part of bringing Baby Trivette home (I love typing that!), they can send us a donation.
  • I work at an incredible faith-based non-profit called Summit Leadership Foundation. I will hopefully have a couple of coffee/music nights here in the Cafe.

There are a couple of other ideas that I have rolling around in my head that I don’t want to make public just yet. Please be praying for us. I know in my head that this is going to be a long process that will require our utmost dependence on God, but I am not sure my heart knows that just yet. I will for sure keep you all updated. I am just going to be impatient for summer to come. Not because of the warm weather, my anniversary or my birthday, but because that is when we start our journey to our first little one 🙂

And because posts are always more fun with pictures, this is a picture from my last trip to the Philippines:

Yes, that is a banana tree I am carrying. My last trip was a construction and agriculture trip. Here I am carrying the tree to plant it somewhere else 🙂

thoughts on adoption & birth moms

I have heard people who are in the process of adopting say that they have received some nasty comments about what they were doing. I thought that was unbelievable and wondered why on earth any one would have something bad to say about this wonderful (and hard) process. But then, when I think about it, I remember that my family has received some pretty bad comments/reactions about adopting my two sisters. I will not go into why I believe these people have these comments, however, I do want to tell you a small piece of why I believe adoption is incredible/beautiful/important/needed/a miracle.

Brandon wrote a post about he and his wife‘s adoption (they are on their way back from picking up their son now!). I kept trying to decide which part of his post would sum up what I think, but honestly, I think all of it is needed to show you how amazing adoption truly is. Please go read it.

I share an office with a Christian adoption agency. I love the people who work for this agency and truly believe they are doing what God has called them to do. These people put their heart and soul into taking care of these babies, and they love the families & birth moms they serve. One of the ladies was telling me how many horrible and nasty comments they get all of the time. Some are about them (i.e. you just buy babies and try to sell them) and some are about birth moms (i.e. I don’t see how anyone could call themselves a mom/woman if they give up their baby). I just want to say, while there may be many exceptions, there is a HUGE misconception about birth moms. They are NOT all women who are totally irresponsible and just want to continue a life of partying and a kid would only get in their way. Again, there are exceptions, but a lot of the birth moms I have met, this is not the case. These women see that they cannot provide the best life for this child and yearn for the child to grow up educated, safe, with plenty of food and clothing, and much more. These women are making a self-less decision to not think of themselves and how bad they will feel (because believe me, they DO feel for this child), rather they think of the child’s well-being. They are making the ultimate sacrifice. I more than likely COULD NOT ever make this decision, but that is NOT because I am a better person/mother than any of these birth moms. I would just never have the strength to do that.

Mark Schultz was adopted and once thought of his birth mom as someone who just gave him up. One night a friend told him something that would change his world:

I understand that there are a lot of people who are set in how they think/feel about the whole subject. I understand that I will probably step on some people’s toes. I won’t apologize, rather I will hope that if you are one of those people that we can one day chat about our views.

just wanna vent…

Man, I REALLY want a baby. We are NOT pregnant, or even trying. But I REALLY want a kid! Tim knows this. He has known it since the day we got married. I want children, and a lot of them (and now!). He said we need to wait five years, and I really believe that is a wise decision. But, oh my, my heart yearns for a child SO MUCH. I know that it is still years away before we have kids of our own, but for now, I think I am about to explode!

Okay, I don’t feel better now, but at least I got it out…. 🙂

Did you know November is National Adoption Month? Here are a couple of websites in light of that. Maybe (hopefully) they will spark a desire within your own heart for adoption. I truly believe that EVERY Christian should at least pray and consider adoption, because, after all, you were adopted by the KING Himself. You were rescued and brought into the Kingdom/Family of God. Okay, here are those sites:



Guess who is going to pick up her baby girl today? Jamie over at dreaming[BIG]dreams! Praise the Lord 🙂

They are getting SO close!!

Please be praying for the Ivey’s and the Setliffe’s.

Jamie is in Haiti now with her babies. One of them has received her Visa and the other is waiting to get out of MOI.

The Setliffe‘s have just learned some exciting news about their baby girl’s case.

Go over and show both of them some blog love! And PLEASE be praying for them 🙂

So excited about this…

Found this HERE :

When it comes to the number of orphans that exist in the world you hear a lot of different estimates. The more I think about it the bottom line is that there are way too many! When you get into the hundred millions it can be overwhelming.

That said, it is important as I posted before, to know the numbers and to know what makes up the number of orphans worldwide so that we can most effectively reach them and care for them. Jedd Medefind recently posted the updated UNICEF estimates and breakdown:

  • The official 2008 estimate from UNICEF (based on 2007 data) is 145 million orphans in the world. For this number, an orphan is defined as a child who has lost one or both parents.
  • For the “developing world” the total estimated number of orphans is 130 million. This includes statistics for Sub Saharan Africa, the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, East Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Since most people think of an orphan as a child who has lost both parents, these numbers can seem a bit misleading.

  • Included in the 2008 estimate of 145 million orphans are more than 92 million that have a surviving mother—-with whom they most likely live.
  • Another 38 million have a surviving father.

Doing the math, of the 145 million estimated orphans worldwide, approximately 15 million are “double” orphans—growing up without either mother or father.  That’s about ten percent of the whole.

Remember, these numbers represent children. Sons and daughters. Children that need care and children that need parents. Each of us can do something to make a difference in their lives. For some it will be visiting them with aid, for others it will be reducing the number of double orphans through adoption, one, two, three at a time!