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In Christ Alone

I am really loving this song right now. Just wanted to share 🙂


This past week I had the privilege to attend the Catalyst Leadership Conference in Atlanta. It was amazing. I’ll admit, I was wiped out after just the first day, but it was all incredible. The Lord revealed so many things to me during this conference, things that were not even spoken on. Not even close to being spoken on. HE really is wonderful.

The “things” that were revealed, I am not yet ready to share. They were personal convictions. Things I am going to be hashing out and praying over for possibly years to come. Please pray for me. Pray that I will actually face these issues. Already I have lost the motivation to deal with these issues. I have been hiding from them for years, it is so easy to do now. Please pray for strength. The upcoming times will be difficult for me. Really difficult. I don’t even know which step to take next. I know that I am not really telling you anything, sorry.

Some other great things happened to. probably my favorite was seeing Mac Powell from Third Day sing with the African Children’s Choir. I loved that 🙂


Now back to balancing my check book…

Found this HERE :

When it comes to the number of orphans that exist in the world you hear a lot of different estimates. The more I think about it the bottom line is that there are way too many! When you get into the hundred millions it can be overwhelming.

That said, it is important as I posted before, to know the numbers and to know what makes up the number of orphans worldwide so that we can most effectively reach them and care for them. Jedd Medefind recently posted the updated UNICEF estimates and breakdown:

  • The official 2008 estimate from UNICEF (based on 2007 data) is 145 million orphans in the world. For this number, an orphan is defined as a child who has lost one or both parents.
  • For the “developing world” the total estimated number of orphans is 130 million. This includes statistics for Sub Saharan Africa, the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, East Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Since most people think of an orphan as a child who has lost both parents, these numbers can seem a bit misleading.

  • Included in the 2008 estimate of 145 million orphans are more than 92 million that have a surviving mother—-with whom they most likely live.
  • Another 38 million have a surviving father.

Doing the math, of the 145 million estimated orphans worldwide, approximately 15 million are “double” orphans—growing up without either mother or father.  That’s about ten percent of the whole.

Remember, these numbers represent children. Sons and daughters. Children that need care and children that need parents. Each of us can do something to make a difference in their lives. For some it will be visiting them with aid, for others it will be reducing the number of double orphans through adoption, one, two, three at a time!

On Sunday mornings I get the privilege to teach 3 & 4 years olds. I gotta tell you, I love this age! They are talking well now, are so curious and have not quite learned yet just what is appropriate and perhaps what is inappropriate. I have decided to start a series called: Out of the mouths of babes. I will list quotes each week from what my crazy kiddos say. To start it off…here you go:

1) One of the kids told their mom I went to Africa to see a whale (we went to Africa to see the clean water well we had raised money for).

2) little girl: This morning, I couldn’t poop.

me: I hate when that happens.

little girl: So mommy gave me a book. pause And that helped

3) little girl: “You are black today” (I was wearing a black shirt).

That’s all for now. I am sure I will have plenty more for you each week 🙂

We leave Sunday! I cannot believe it is this close! We will arrive in Ethiopia Tuesday early in the morning. Guess what we will be doing immediately…visiting an orphanage. Lord give me strength!

I am going to try my hardest to post updates while on the trip. I will definitely be posting pictures when I get back!

Keep up the prayers! And THANK YOU!!! 🙂

I don’t know why, but I just have not been in the mood to post blogs for the last month or so. Sorry for the lack of updates! I am even getting tired of Twitter and Facebook. Google Reader is struggling too. I don’t know what has gotten into me. Oh well.

Just wanted to give you some updates on the fundraising for our trip to Shashamene, Ethiopia.

Two Saturdays ago we had a yard sale. Honestly, it wasn’t as big as I thought it would be, but when is it ever? It was supposed to be this big community yard sale with over 10 or 12 families yardselling too. Well, we got there and there was only one other yard sale (whom we made mad and she yelled at me!). The lady who organized it all didn’t even show up! The high light of it all was we brought the litter of boxer pups that turned 6 weeks old that day. We had so many people stop by, those babies were worn out! I told mom at some point that morning that my goal was just to raise $100. Seemed realistic enough. When we got to $128, we called it quits. We had been there since 7am (with me not getting there the night before until about 10:15) and were pooped! So we packed up and went to my sister’s softball tournament. Man I wish I could go to more of her tournaments! She is so good and I love to see her play!

Yesterday, Sunday, we had what was supposed to be a Spaghetti Lunch, but last minute turned into a Sloppy Joe lunch. We had food donated at the last minute, so we switched the menu to Sloppy Joes. They were so good too! I cooked 15 pounds of ground beef yesterday morning and then served it! We had a blast. Tim and I used to both serve in restaurants. It made me want to serve again! I love being busy and organized! I asked Tim if he missed it, to which he responded with a laugh and a NO! Ah well.

At the lunch we raised $450 on the dot! We were incredibly excited and blessed!

So now I think we have some where around $4,000 left to raise in a little less than a month. Wow, that is a lot. But our God is BIG. If He wants us to go, it will happen. I am not worried 🙂

We have t-shirts if you would like to help out with the fundraising! Here are two pictures that pretty much show what they look like. One of the pictures is Afework, who lives in Shashamene. I just think that picture is so cool and makes it even more real that we are leaving for Africa in a month and 3 days! Holy Cow!!!



If you are interested in a t-shirt, they are $20 including shipping. Just email me at jessicatrivette[at]gmail[dot]com. I will update soon to let you know the sizes I have.

P/S: I am getting back in the mood to have a kid now!! I have been looking at for the last couple of days and falling in love with so many little ones! We are holding off for at least 3 more years, but oh I want one now! – Ok, I am done whining 😉

Please make time to watch this today.

My husband and I get to go to Ethiopia this June for 2 weeks. We are so excited about this opportunity! But this month is crunch time! We need to raise a little over $5,000 for our trip cost. We have four fundraisers for this month, AND I am in a wedding. I am going to be so exhausted when we travel!

The first fundraiser is this weekend. We will be doing a yard sale. I am not sure how well it will go because we have mostly clothes going into it. But we’ll see.

The next is a luncheon after church. We will also have an auction where people can bid on each of us to do chores for them. Hey, you can help me out here. If you could have someone come to your house to do a chore you hate to do, what would it be?

The third event will be a parents’ night out the Friday before Mother’s Day. I think this might be our biggest event. I hope so! It will be a lot of fun!

The last event we will have is a Pancake Breakfast at a local restaurant. I think that will be a lot of fun too. We just have to work really hard on getting people there!

I’ll be sure to try to post updates when we go on the trip. I could really use your prayers for the trip. We will be sharing the name of Christ and His gospel to some of the people in the village. I am pretty nervous about this! I’ll also try to post some pictures on here.

Also, I am excited because I have been really interested in working with some sort of orphanage/missions/adoption opportunities. My husband really hasn’t gotten into it because he has a hard time getting excited about things that are not here and now. But he keeps saying that he is excited that we are going together (our first mission trip together) because he feels like we may develop a shared passion. So, I am excited that he is even talking about that (does any of that make sense?).

We will be going to Shashamene, Ethiopia. We leave June 7 and come back June 20. We will also have a 14 hour layover in London some where in there, so that will be fabulous! Please keep us in your prayers.

Did you have a good Easter? I did. God is SO good. I get to teach three year olds on Sunday mornings. This Sunday was a little different than I expected, but it was still so good. I love that I get to be in a room with 3 year olds while they dance around and yell, “Jesus is alive!” & “Hallelujah!”. The blessings we receive…

Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for us, while we were still sinners. That means, while we were still choosing to go against HIM, HE chose to die (a very agonizing death, not just because of the pain, but because HE could have stopped it at any time, and HE chose not to) to cover all of our wrong doings against HIM. Hallelujah!

I think it is really easy to think about Jesus on the cross and miss what all was really going on there. Here is a video that gives a medical perspective of what Christ went through on the cross.

*Side Note: Praise God that we have people in the medical profession who serve HIM! I love it!