Lately I have been trying to figure out common happenings in my life that I could document on here. You know, like people who are crafty or good with their camera or adding to their family (by adoption or pregnancy) or great cooks or are living in another country. Only… I am none of those things. So what in the world could I tell you about on a regular basis? After some thought, I think I have come up with a couple of goods topics. I hope I don’t bore you too much, but these are just things that keep me entertained and going… or at least adds to it. And right now it is a bit past my bedtime, so I am just going to bullet point them for you.

  • Sleep-walking Hubby: My husband sleepwalks, every. night. No joke. This is such an odd thing to deal with (one that I was NOT warned about before the wedding). And oh yes, I HAVE to deal with it. I have to wake up when he gets up or else he will get into stuff he shouldn’t while walking in your sleeping. And b/c you are not supposed to wake up a sleepwalker (right?) I just gently guide him along. Even then he gets very upset with me (while still asleep) if a jar him too much. Then the next morning he never remembers a thing. Sometimes he doesn’t even believe the stories. I’ll now be sharing some of those stories with you. And for those of you who already know some of the crazier things he has done, please note that I will be leaving those OUT b/c, well quite frankly, I don’t want to be locked out of my own house. And for those of you who don’t know anything about this, you now know that he does things in his sleep that are crazy enough to be left out of documentation. Thank goodness he doesn’t get on Facebook or read my blog. Let’s keep that one between you and me 😉
  • The loyal pup: My dog Kansas absolutely loves me. I am not boasting in the least. In fact, it can be annoying at times. She always thinks she has to be right by my side. It does get cute though when she positions herself sitting right next to me, but then acts like she doesn’t notice me (even though she is literally peaking at me in the corner of her eye). It’s like she is saying, “Here I am just in case you would like to love on me!” I’ll be sharing the occasional picture of ridiculous and/or cute times that she has made her presence known. I’ll share one with you now. See, isn’t she so sweet?! I was making the bed, turned around to grab a pillowcase and when I turned back around I found this:

Kansas, being ridiculous

Notice she is not looking at me directly. See… just casually making herself available to be loved on.

  • Workin’ on the ole abode: This past week I have been inspired. I have spent quite a bit of time over here and while I will by no means be doing renovations like they have, I will be making some home improvements. This past month I have done quite a bit to our condo. (It’s about time, we have nearly lived here a year!) While doing these projects I have discovered how much I really like to assemble and build things. So, hopefully, armed with my dad’s love for carpentry (you know, passed down to me) and my husband’s tools, I’ll be able to make some adjustments to our little home… and document them here. I already have one project finished and ready to share with you… but not tonight. Soon though 🙂

Ok, that’s all for now. I am sure there are other regular topics in my life, but these are what I will concentrate on for now, along with other random rantings that go through my head. I hope you enjoy reading 🙂