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My week…

I have felt guilty for neglecting you, my lovely blog. So, I thought I would give you a week overview to keep you happy.

  • I actually worked out once this week. Does it count if I only work out once every couple of months?
  • I am really tired. All week I have been. No fun.
  • I got to see a calf (baby cow, not baby whale πŸ™‚ ) just after it was born. It was so sweet.
  • I made a fool out of myself, as usual. My boss was just going to a meeting but needed something from his car. He asked me to go get it as he stepped into the meeting. I went out and searched where he told me it would be, but did not find what I had set out for. I interrupted the meeting to let him know. So he left the meeting to look for the said item. That’s when I discovered I had searched the wrong car. Oops! (Who leaves their car doors unlocked?)
  • I have watched a whole lot of Jon & Kate plus 8. (side note: every time I watch that show, I end up becoming more forceful, aggressive, pushy with Tim. I wonder why…)
  • Because of watching that show, I have been thinking (and wanting) about being a mom a lot! It won’t happen for a couple of more years (at least in our planning), but I can’t wait!
  • I watched a horrible movie about a girl who was tortured and killed. I honestly did not realize it would be this way. It messed me up quite a bit for a couple of days. And it made me realize that I need to start being more careful with what I watch.
  • Still thinking about how I need to do my taxes. Maybe I will do that this weekend?
  • Have I mentioned I am tired.
  • Got great responses (more so on Facebook) on a note I wrote this week about the Economy & the Church. Very encouraging.
  • Discovered I left my favorite (and only) hair dryer at the resort from girls’ weekend right after I got out of the shower while getting ready for work. 😦
  • Started drinking Diet Coke again. Well, ok. I’ll be honest. Started drinking it more frequently. I never really stopped.
  • Tried a new recipe: Turkey Meatloaf. I didn’t like it too much, but Tim ate it just fine. He is really not a picky eater though. At least it wasn’t a waste πŸ™‚
  • Discovered some new things about my Mac (I use a Mac laptop at work and am not too big of a fan of it). So that’s good news.

That’s all I’ve got for you right now. At least that’s all I can think of at this moment. I feel pretty brain dead right now.


I know the Economy is a hot topic right now. So let me just forewarn you, if you are coming here from words of an expert or words of wisdom, you have come to the wrong place. I am just typing out what has been on my heart in the past couple of months.

The economy is scary right now. Truth is, our comfortable place to live is being threatened. (I have no care in the world to discuss why I think this is. I am just not going to do it.) People all over are losing their jobs. I work at a place that essentially serves/ministers to other ministries and non-profits. I have seen so many people come in who have lost their jobs due to lack of donations/support or the loss of grant monies. I have also heard, through my Church, friends, and the news, of so many other people losing their jobs. And they cannot find new ones. Honestly, at this point, I am not scared for myself. What will happen, will happen. My God is good and will take care of me (even if that does not add up to what I think is taking care of me…keeping me comfortable). I know most of these people serve the same God, the God who has rescued us already. But for some reason I can’t help but worry for them. The situation is not great at this point, and from what I hear will not get much better. So what do we do?

For the past several months I have thought about the original Church and how they lived amongst one another. Here, let me show you…

Acts 2:42-47 (The Message)

41-42That day about three thousand took him at his word, were baptized and were signed up. They committed themselves to the teaching of the apostles, the life together, the common meal, and the prayers.

43-45Everyone around was in aweβ€”all those wonders and signs done through the apostles! And all the believers lived in a wonderful harmony, holding everything in common. They sold whatever they owned and pooled their resources so that each person’s need was met.

46-47They followed a daily discipline of worship in the Temple followed by meals at home, every meal a celebration, exuberant and joyful, as they praised God. People in general liked what they saw. Every day their number grew as God added those who were saved.”

Living together, taking care of one another, worshiping God together (not just on Sunday mornings), meeting each other’s needs. I know that there are a lot of you who meet these to some extent, but I really feel there is so much more!

I was thinking about how much income my husband and I bring in yesterday. How much of that do we really need to live on, and how much of that could we use to meet someone else’s need? I have a deep desire to take care of everyone who is struggling (more often it is focused on their physical needs and not their spiritual needs as it should be). When I talk about supporting someone else with our own income, I am not only talking about supporting missionaries or sponsoring children living in poverty, like I know that many of you already do (which by the way I feel that is definitely part of the Great Commission, that is just not the subject at hand). I am more so talking about supporting people who might be fellow members in your Church congregation who have fallen on hard times.

Of course while you are “pooling your resources so every person’s need is met”, they are definitely working their tails off to find another job. And when they find another job, it would be amazing if they helped to take care of someone else, while you as well took care of yet another family (yes, the movie “Pay it Forward” has all of a sudden come to mind…sorry).

I know that all of this sounds a little out there, but I really think if we took care of each other in this way (as instructed), we would have no reason to worry (not that we do already b/c our – believers & followers of Jesus Christ, our risen Saviour – hope is not in the economy, money, our house, or anything else here on this earth). And most of this is just me rambling.

I just want to point out once again, I am not anyone who knows a lot about this topic, or really knows enough to talk about it. I am just putting this out their because it has been on my heart and mind often. And because I want to know what you think. So please leave a comment!

What if we did it? What would happen?

What are your thoughts?

I know, I know. I have neglected you. I am sorry. I have just been in a funk lately. Not like I am in a bad mood or anything. I just haven’t known what to tell you. A lot has happened though. Fun times. So, to try to catch you up somewhat, I am going to use the good ole bullet points. πŸ™‚

  • Started the new job….and am loving it.
  • Gone to a meeting about traveling to Ethiopia in June.
  • Trying to learn how to use a Mac after using a PC during my entire experience with computers.
  • Said Happy Birthday to both of my sisters.

    Diana and Necie

    Diana and Necie.

  • Read the entire Twilight series…including Midnight Sun (yes, I am still in middle school).
  • Learning more and more everyday how much I need to start some sort of exercise routine.
  • Started the book “Sacred Marriage” with my love
  • planned a girls weekend for the end of February (YAY!!)
  • Figured out that I need better glasses (my prescription now is from at least 5 years ago)
  • went to an Old Crow Medicine Show concert (it was GREAT!)
  • Have been learning more about adoption , not that we will be adopting any time soon…but it doesn’t hurt.
  • Started a sponsoring relationship with Daphene from Haiti.
  • began to think about the future

I think that is all for now. I promise to try harder on this thing πŸ˜‰ I am keeping up with all of you through Google Reader. And when I don’t have to come to my blog to get to you, it is easy to not keep it up. I hope everyone is great!

I had a huge Wake Up Call yesterday. Since I have started working at my new job, I get to meet TONS of people who work or serve with other ministries (since part of the purpose of the ministry I work for is to serve other ministries and businesses).

I have been so excited because the local chapter of Bethany Christian Services (an adoption agency that I have been looking into for when Tim and I begin the adoption process) is actually located in the SAME BUILDING I work in. I have been so excited about the possibility to learn more about the adoption process, primarily international. Yes, I do want to domestically adopt too, but I have always been more interested and invested in international adoption. I know the countries I want to adopt from, I have researched lots of orphanages in those countries, I have viewed lists of waiting children, found and avidly read blogs of families who are adopting from those countries, so on, and so on. Needless to say, I am invested in the need to adopt from all over the world.

Yesterday my boss spoke with me about a woman who works for the local school system. Her job is the “Homeless Student Coordinator”. What? We have homeless children in my town. My, how oblivious I have been. Apparently we have approximately 300 homeless “students” here. 300!! That is unbelievable to me (I mean, I believe what they told me, I just don’t want to)! Some of the children will move from relative to relative, and others may sleep under bridges. And the average age of the “homeless students”? 9 Years Old! My heart was broken as soon as I heard that! I want to bring them all into my home now. I really do. I wonder if I could do that and not have Tim notice (we live in a one-bedroom apartment with two dogs, he’d notice).

I get to meet with the lady who coordinates the care of these children soon. I can’t wait how I can now become “invested” in loving and caring for the children that might be living on the street where I live, or sleeping under the bridge I drive under every day going to work.

Disclaimer: I am still rather ignorant to the whole world of working with people in unfortunate circumstances. If I say anything on here (I really work on not) that might be offensive wording or “politically incorrect”, I apologize. I am learning, please show me grace (and tell me about it too!).

So, I encourage you to look into the community that you live in and see what you can do to help take care of one another. I assure you that those people you “think” you are helping out and taking care of will end up helping you out more than you will ever imagine.

Wow, there are so many things going on right now…and I love it! I started my new job today. Did I tell you about that? I am no longer with the radio station. I am now working for Summit Leadership Foundation. We are a ministry who serves Christian leaders in the community, whether they be ministers or Christian leaders who own/manage a business, and connect them to the resources they need to make their ministry/passion/vision happen in order to further the Kingdom of Christ. I am really excited about this position. In another post I will tell you all of the things that have really just lined up to make this job possible for me. I love it! And I am SO excited about the amazing people I get to work with here. There are so many people that I will get to work with and serve that love the Lord so much. I can’t wait to learn from them. More on all of that later….

So what did you do for New Year’s? I did nothing! New Year’s Eve was my last day at work with the radio station. It was a BIG day for me there, loads to get finished. I did not leave until about 6:30 pm. I was exhausted. So when I got home, Tim had fixed dinner and set everything up so I could just relax. I loved it! (Man, he is so good to me). We watched a movie, and then I went to bed around 9:30. I can’t tell you the last time that I stayed up for midnight on New Years. I am such an old person!

However, on New Year’s Eve my little sister did celebrate a birthday. She is now 14 years old! I cannot believe that! One more year and she will have her learner’s permit!

And then on New Year’s Day one of my good friends, Katie Beth, celebrated her birthday. I did not get to talk to her, but I don’t feel to bad for it. She is living in Rome right now! Heck no I won’t feel bad Hehe!

For my New Year’s Challenge (notice I did not say resolution) I want to be more physically active. I do not do well with a work out routine, so I just want to make sure I do something at least 3 times a week where I am active for at least 30 minute. There are so many hiking trails around here and I do have 2 dogs I could walk (and I know they would love that). Anyway, so now I have a ’09 challenge for myself.

I also have a new hobby…hopefully…for myself. I got a sewing machine for Christmas! I am so excited! I really want to learn how to sew. I have this whole idea of how I want our family (make some of our own clothes, get a lot of our food from the family garden, raise some animals and get our milk and meat from them, etc) and sewing fits perfectly into that! I don’t know why, but I love old timey ideas of raising a family.

One last thing…I got a new shelf in my laundry area. Ok, I know you care NOTHING about this. But I love it! I have been wanting to get a shelf for this area for awhile now. It has been a HUGE adjustment going from a 3 bedroom house with a garage and basement to a 1 bedroom apartment…with two dogs living with us. But since we have started getting rid of a lot of things and finding new means of storage, we really like it. The laundry area has been cluttered b/c I have just been setting things on top of my washer and dryer. I have been getting so claustrophobic (which is a new development as of getting married to a guy who suffers from severe claustrophobia). But since we (and when I saw we, I mean Tim) put the shelf in, I smile every time I see it. I am so shallow.

Ok, that was a lot. And I have a lot more where that came from. I have not had the time nor the desire to blog lately, but apparently do now :). So…more to come later on.

What’s new?

I think that I have hinted at something new coming into my life a couple of posts ago. Now I can officially tell you.

What’s new? I have a new job. I couldn’t officially say before because my current employer didn’t know yet. I put in my notice yesterday and they were so sweet about it. It was really hard, and I cried. But I can tell that they care about what happens to me, and that means so much.

The new position will be with a ministry. I am excited because I have really wanted to work for a ministry for awhile now. I am so excited that the Lord has opened this door for me. And I truely feel this is where I am supposed to be.

The ministry focuses on connecting Christian leaders in the community so that they may be able to better serve the community and further the Kingdom of Christ.

The position is “facility host”. Part of the services this ministry offers is meeting rooms for businesses that might not have a place to meet. As the facility host, I will help to create a welcoming and inviting environment at the “facility”. I will help to manage the schedule of each of the meeting rooms, and also help to set up the meeting rooms.

There will also be some public speaking involved, which I love. And I will assist the Communications Director where needed. And I am sure there will be lots of other aspects of this position, but since it is a new position, we will learn as we go.

I am really excited. I will keep you updated!

So…what’s new with you?


This weekend is going to be so busy. Not too excited about that. I miss the days of having nights and weekends off. Saturday, I work from 9am to 1pm, and then again from 7-12. Then at church Sunday I will be speaking to two Sunday school classes and two “Big Church” services about The Hydrate Project. That afternoon will be full of band practice and getting ready for the next week of busyness.

But tonight…tonight I am going to hang out with my husband. I am going to do a little bit of laundry, give my dogs a bath, and maybe even cook a little. Tonight…I will relax. Yes!!!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For those of you who don’t know, I work at a radio station whose demographic of listeners is primarily women. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month we are going forth with a rather unusually campaign, especially in East Tennessee! We are asking the ladies of the Tri-Cities to send us their new and used bras. At the end of the month we are going to be connecting the bras and stringing them up in Downtown Kingsport. It has been so much fun so far to work on this campaign. You wouldn’t believe how many people are effected by Breast Cancer. Almost every time we talk to new people about this campaign, we have new people telling us how this disease has effected them and their loved ones.

I encourage you to learn all that you can about Breast Cancer. Learn how to do self exams monthly. Get your mammograms.

Also, our radio station was on the morning news today. Here is the link if you want to check it out.

I got to experience a biker bar this weekend. And let me just say, I thought about taking a picture, but I also thought I would get my butt kicked if I did! So, I refrained from that one!

Saturday morning was the big poker run that I have been planning for months now. It did not go well. I will just leave it at that. Before everything began it was suggested to me that I should call one of the stops, the biker bar, and make sure they have some one there to man the stop. Well, I am glad that I did. They had no one. Great. So, after registration, I had to go to the biker bar. Fun times!

When the other people who were working the poker run found out I had to go to the bar, they kept telling me to be careful. When I asked if it was a rough place, they would say, “no, just be careful”, with a look of grimace/worry on their face. Apparently, the bar I got the privilege of visiting is known to be a rough place.

Let me just say, it was just like you see in the movies…minus the fighting. I loved it. There was a biker club that ALL met there to go for a ride. And then while they were there, another poker run showed up. There were lots of people with them. So, it was me and about 100 bikers all crowded into a very small building, with almost every one of them smoking. Let me just say, I stuck out like a sore thumb. I liked hanging out with them though. I didn’t dare talk, just listened.

I was sitting at a booth and four of them came and sat with me. There was room at my booth. There were some interesting conversations there, filled with “four-letter” words. And all of them were smoking. Did I mention that I have been sick for the past week? That didn’t help.

Then, in the midst of the crowd, a big tall man, decked out in leather, stood up, whistled, and said, “Let’s go”. The place then emptied and the bikers rode off together.

Now, as you read this, you probably are thinking that I was grossed out and appalled by all of the smoking, drinking a 40 of beer at 11am, and the two girls going out back to get high together. But secretly, I kind of wanted to be in on it all (well, not the smoking, drinking, and getting high part:)). Yeah, I know, I could never be that cool. But I wanted to jump on a bike and ride off into the sunset. Maybe that will be for another life.

So instead, I stayed in the smoke filled bar, and waited for the end of my poker run.

Today was crazy

I am saying, Crazy! I don’t do well with all of the busyness. I get really impatient and even a little snappy. I have several promotions going on in the next couple of weeks and on top of that people wanting recaps of promotions we have already done. I have discovered so much about myself through this job. So many areas that need growth. Anyway, the day is over and all is better. The people I had gotten a little impatient with and I have made up and discussed the situations in a more productive way. Now home to my wonderful husband. We are having breakfast tonight for dinner. I am way excited!