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I think I am sort of a hippy at heart and just don’t know how to do it. I grew up in a home where everything was provided for me without me having to work much at all for it. Boy was I spoiled (and a brat). At least I know it now and can grow from it. ๐Ÿ™‚ My parents, bless their hearts, wanted to provide and give us everything we could ever want and they worked their tails off and sacrificed a lot for us kids… only to have us become horrid (at least the girls, Josh was always the favorite) teenagers. I never got into major trouble, but I was most certainly entitled and ungrateful. (I already know now my mom will comment here or on Facebook about this).

Wait a minute… I was going to talk about babywearing.

Anywho… back to being a hippy and not knowing how. I want to be a hippy I think. And not the wearing rainbows, free loving kind, but the grow my own food, be a stay-at-home mom, buy local produce, cook my own healthy food, cloth diapers, sewing loving and wear my babies kind. I just don’t know how. Also, I am extremely a bit lazy.

Lately, I have really wanted to start utilizing my baby sling my very sweet friend made for me. I haven’t used it a ton lately, my son is 15 months old and not super used to it. Also, it hurts my shoulders and back because I have not gradually built those muscles as he grows like I have with my arms. I have been dealing with a lot of guilt lately because Jet (my kiddo) plays by himself a lot. We have play dates, go to the park, read to him a TON and play with him as well, but I feel like when I am moving around the house I would rather be having face-to-face time with him more often (not all of the time).

I know what you are thinking: “That child is going to be awful or a momma’s boy”. Well to the first, he is not awful. He is super happy and we get the comment “He is such a happy baby” ย so often that I have wondered if it is common for babies to be depressed or in full blown trantrums 90% of the time. To the second, he has been called a momma’s boy, to my face, a couple of times before. At first I was offended. Then, I thought, “You know what, I am ok with that. In my line of work (social work) I have seen this is sorely lacking in our world”. So, say what you want, I am ok with that. My boy is happy and well loved. Ok, sorry for the rant. Again, notย defensiveย  just well thought out. Jeez with the rants already!

I really like the ring slings because they seem the most practical and the easiest to carry around. Oh, not the no-sew ones though because that does NOT seem practical to have to re-thread it each time if you are on the go. I am youtubing it up trying to learn different holds and ways to use the ring sling. I am excited. I want a couple of different ring slings, instead of just the one I have now. It is looking like I am going to make them since they are usually around $100 to buy new (seriously!). ย It will probably be a little bit though because the bobbin on my sewing machine hates me and even though I am threading it EXACTLY like the youtube videos say (see a trend here?), it’s answer is still “Nope, not this time”. We are taking a break from each other now in an effort for me to not thrown the dang thing out my really high upstairs window.

What are your thoughts on babywearing? Any suggestions on type of fabric to use? Have any of you used the ring sling and have any thoughts? And can anyone fix my bobbin? Please?


Mommy and JET

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Oh the nesting phase

I don’t know why, but I assumed when everyone spoke of this “nesting phase” of pregnancy that I would also get a burst of energy with it. So not true. I have not been able to keep myself from cleaning and organizing, but I am also pretty exhausted from it all. Also, to add to my new obsession, who thought it was a good idea to make Pinterest crazy popular during my pregnancy?! I can’t get enough! I finally told myself I had to STOP buying organizing materials (but I haven’t really stopped, I just tell myself that to feel better).

To name a few of the things I have done (and those inspired by Pinterest will be linked):

  • Clean and organize the refrigerator
  • Take everything out of my kitchen cabinets & then reorganize it all (which includes multiple smaller projects)
  • Clean out the junk room & turn it into the nursery
  • Clean out my clothing closet, multiple times
  • Bathe, dry & brush my dogs (all while 8.5 months pregnant)
  • Fix the kitchen sink plumbing (again, 8.5 months pregnant)
  • Clean & organize the entire basement, which has been my husband’s work out/storage/junk area for about a year
  • Make my own laundry detergent
  • Make 1/2 of the Christmas gifts we gave
  • Sew the curtains for the nursery
  • Do all of the normal “get the nursery ready” tasks
  • Rearrange our bedroom furniture
  • Sketch out a new furniture floor plan for every room in our house
  • Clean out hall closet to make mini-mudroom
  • I have also started cooking a lot more

Folks, it is getting out of control. Goodwill LOVES me right now. Or thinks I am crazy. Maybe both. I still plan on scrubbing both bathrooms, clean and reorganize my laundry closet, organize the upstairs closet, rearrange the loft (where my home office will be – that’s right, I am going to start working from home!), clean the kitchen REALLY well, scrub all floors and probably a lot more. Oh yeah, and I have only three weeks to go. We’ll see how that goes. And before you wonder where my husband is during all of this, he is usually at work when I decide I want to do another task and I don’t want to wait on him. He doesn’t mind.

I will take pictures of the nursery and put those up in the next week or so. A big nursery reveal should be loads of fun ๐Ÿ™‚

And just because posts are more fun with pictures, here is one of my refrigerator after I organized it.

what do you crave?

One of the most common questions I have been asked is, “What do you crave?”. I honestly didn’t believe I have craved much. I have wanted a burger or steak maybe once or twice, even wanted carrots at one point, but nothing consistent… or so I thought.

Recently I have been drinking more milk than I normally do, but I just chalked that up to being lazy exhausted during my third trimester and eating cereal rather than cook anything. But I have also been drinking milk with my dinner each night and almost cried once because I wanted chocolate milk (ridiculous I know). I thought maybe I might be craving milk, but didn’t really think much about it. Until today.

I am a pretty lazy person when it comes to research so the reading I have done about pregnancy has been either through my friends answering texts or from the weekly updates sent via e-mail from I figure in the old days they just had each other to learn all about pregnancy so I really have one up on moms from 50 years ago… right?

Anyway, I get my weekly e-mails every Thursday. When reading today’s update (I am 29 weeks ya’ll!) I read that this kid is sucking 250 milligrams of calcium out of me each day. I am waiting for my hip to break while just sitting here typing this due to my bones no longer getting any calcium. Not really, I am just being overly dramatic. What? I am pregnant…. and me.

So yeah, I would say that I have had a craving during this pregnancy: milk… and cheese. (Side note/tangent: Could I be anymore obsessed with cheese? I won’t go to Cootie Brown’s until after I am pregnant just b/c avoiding the place all together is as far as my discipline goes in not eating their Blue Cheese Chips – apparently you are not supposed to eat Blue Cheese while preggers. If I went there to eat dinner, I would undoubtedly just say, “Screw it, I am ordering some”. Sorry mom, I know that was crude).

What about you? What were/are your cravings?

I can see!

Oh how wonderful are all of the many changes pregnancy brings to a woman’s body! Um, kidding. They are not all wonderful, but not too bad. Definitely worth the outcome! One of the crazy changes I had was to my vision. I just got new glasses last October, and then when I got pregnant started getting awful headaches. I stopped wearing my glasses for a day or so, and although my vision was not repaired, no more headaches. I was told my several women not to get my glasses fixed because my vision could go back after pregnancy. So that is just great. I sit at a computer all day, and have to have fuzzy vision. No headaches, but my ability to see is that of a slightly intoxicated person.

In the past couple of weeks my vision is increasingly getting worse, still w/o the headaches. So today I have decided to give the glasses another go. I can see clearly again! But… I have had the glasses on for an hour and already feel a headache starting in the back of my eyeballs and spreading. Has anyone else had changes like this? I know about the shoe size changes, but my vision. Come on now!

Again, it is all worth it if I get my little guy. I am loving feeling him kick and get the hiccups. He has only had them a couple of times now, but so cute! Also, I found this little hat for him since he will be born in the midst of winter. I seriously can barely contain myself every time I see it ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t you just love it?!

a bit freaked out

You may have to get used to me posting a couple of times in one sitting. I go through times of not feeling like posting, then BAM, one day I feel like it. So there you go.

I just wanted to be sure to record on here how FREAKED OUT Tim is over there being a human in my belly. (Every time I say that phrase I think of this guy – Don’t click that if you are easily grossed out). Did I tell you (I forget everything these days) the other night we were eating dinner and I pulled up my shirt a bit to rub my very full belly, to which Tim responded with, “Can you please not do that while I am eating?!”. To say I was a bit shocked would be an understatement. Of course though I thought it was pretty funny too. Hey, some women may get offended, but I don’t for three reasons: 1) I know my husband loves me and would never want to intentionally hurt my feelings, 2) for some crazy reason I have not had mood swings, am not overly-emotional or hormonal feeling & 3) I also know that my husband says things at times with out thinking about all of the meanings that could come with his words. He ended up admitting that he thinks it is really weird that I have a human in my belly. I asked if that was part of the reason he wasn’t ever excited to feel the baby kick and he said yes.

Another night I could visibly see my belly jump when Jet moved around. I called Tim over there to see and he freaked out again. Is that normal? I have been told that fathers don’t really connect with the baby until he is holding said baby in his arms… but to be freaked out? I am not concerned at all, just curious. Tell me what you think here.

And because pictures are always fun, here I am at 26 weeks:

Did I tell you that I failed my glucose/sugar test? Because I did. And when I fail something, apparently I fail it real good. They don’t like for your level to be above 135, well I was 176. Yikes. And it totally surprised me b/c I am measuring exactly where I should be (weight gain wise) and have really tried to eat healthy… well healthier than I usually do. I am definitely not one of those pregnant women who eat half a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts late at night. Believe me, I wish I wanted to, but this kid is apparently a health nut. So instead of Krispy Kreme, I crave carrots. Not even joking.

Since I failed the one-hour test (I fasted for two hours, drank a nasty glucose drink, then had my blood drawn), I had to go back for the 3-hour test. If you don’t know what this one is, then let me tell you: I was not able to eat after 8 PM last night (what about my 10:00 snack people?!) until about 11:30 this morning. That is over 15 hours! At 8 this morning I had my blood drawn and drank the nasty drink again, then I had to wait an hour to have my blood drawn again, and then again, and then again. My blood was drawn 4 times in 3 hours, and I hadn’t eaten in 15 hours. And I am pregnant. I am not exaggerating when I say I almost passed out around Noon today. I was sweating and shaky and weak. So I ate some good ole Barberito’s (and throw in there a Snickers Ice Cream bar…. and maybe a cookie) and then took a nap. I feel SO MUCH BETTER now, but it was rough there for a bit.

Still waiting to hear if I failed again. Really hoping the first one was a fluke. I’ll let you know on that one.

I will leave you with a recent favorite photo. My family all met up in Gatlinburg last week. Tim and me had a picture with my two younger sisters. Tim put his hand on my belly mainly to hold me upright. I seriously tripped and almost fell down several times that day. But in the end I loved how sweet it looked in the photo and declared that was our maternity session ๐Ÿ™‚

praying for the little one

  • To be completely and totally in love with Jesus Christ
  • For his health
  • That I might serve him well as his Momma
  • For his future bride
  • For the teenage years…
  • For his relationship with his Daddy
  • That he would feel loved & safe
  • That he would desire to love and serve others well
  • For wisdom
  • For patience
  • For sanity
  • For godly friends
  • For a godly mentor that will pour into his life
  • That he would search for the will of God in his life and go after it daily

I know there is much more that I am not thinking of or will add to this later on. Just wanted to document this now ๐Ÿ™‚

I know, I know. I go probably four months with out posting and here I am getting all wild & crazy posting not once, but TWICE in one afternoon. I am too much for my own good.

I just wanted to give a little update on the little dude. First off, while I don’t really want to put his full name on here, I will let you know that his nickname (from his initials) is JET. I am really excited about it b/c 1) it’s original & 2) what little boy wouldn’t want such a fun nickname?! Anyway, that is what I will refer to him on here, just so you know.

Since revealing his nickname to some friends, one of them vowed to sing songs when she sees me with the word “Jet” in them. I didn’t think about it until then, but one of my favorite songs growing up was Benny & the Jets, so I adore this idea ๐Ÿ™‚

I am now 25 weeks along and feeling great. Honestly the only thing that is uncomfortable is how sore my belly and…. other parts of me are at times. I am a little worried about when this kid (yeah, I call him that too) gets a little bigger in my belly b/c he is a mover & a shaker. Seriously, this kids loves to dance. And did I mention he seems to be a night owl too? Because he is. He doesn’t seem to want to kick like crazy during the day so others can feel it, no… that would prove to be too much for him. He likes to just hang out with me apparently (which I will admit I am already kind of loving!). Starting around 10 PM most nights you would think he had a trampoline in my belly. Oh wait, he does: my bladder. I can seriously sit and watch my belly move up and down. I just hope he is able to move less when he gets a bit bigger. I felt him kick my rib the other day. It has started already.

Okay, okay. It sounds like I am complaining. I really am not. I LOVE it. I love getting to have him all to myself right now. I just wish I could see his little face. I adore this little one and am in love already. I seriously cannot wait to hold him and love on him. Even more so, I can’t wait to see his daddy hold him ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a feeling there is nothing hotter than a daddy holding and loving on his baby. Does that sound weird? Whatever.

Anyway, get ready for more updates on here. I live at least 300 miles from all of the family (on my side) so I will be posting on here to keep them updated on what is going on with the little one. Oh, and he is the first grandchild so you know he will be spoiled! I have lived here for 7 years with my parents visiting maybe once a year. Now they plan on visiting multiple times. Not because of me, because of him. Since they usually take us out to eat and spoil us while they are here I won’t be too jealous. Maybe.

So I bombed my sugar/glucose test that pregnant women take around 24 weeks along. My doctor said they don’t like to see levels above 135, and I am at 176. Yikes. I am doing well with weight gain, apparently though most of it is from carbs and sweets. So now I have to cut back on carbs and sweets, which probably take up about 3/4 of my diet. I am not going to lie, I have never had to watch what I eat before so I have absolutely no discipline in this. I am dreading having to do the research on what I should and shouldn’t eat and then incorporating that into my meal planning. I hate meal planning to begin with.

That was until I found this site (wow this sounds like an endorsement. Really it is just me rejoicing b/c I get to still be lazy). This woman is amazing and has provided 36 months… wait a sec, read that again please so you can fully grasp what I am saying here: THIRTY-SIX MONTHS of meal planning, breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, all low-carb. She also has recipes for every single item on her site. She has been doing this since 2002 and continuously updates with new recipes. I just wanted to take a moment and share in my new found way to be lazy goodness!

With out further ado, HERE is her site. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚