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Oh the nesting phase

I don’t know why, but I assumed when everyone spoke of this “nesting phase” of pregnancy that I would also get a burst of energy with it. So not true. I have not been able to keep myself from cleaning and organizing, but I am also pretty exhausted from it all. Also, to add to my new obsession, who thought it was a good idea to make Pinterest crazy popular during my pregnancy?! I can’t get enough! I finally told myself I had to STOP buying organizing materials (but I haven’t really stopped, I just tell myself that to feel better).

To name a few of the things I have done (and those inspired by Pinterest will be linked):

  • Clean and organize the refrigerator
  • Take everything out of my kitchen cabinets & then reorganize it all (which includes multiple smaller projects)
  • Clean out the junk room & turn it into the nursery
  • Clean out my clothing closet, multiple times
  • Bathe, dry & brush my dogs (all while 8.5 months pregnant)
  • Fix the kitchen sink plumbing (again, 8.5 months pregnant)
  • Clean & organize the entire basement, which has been my husband’s work out/storage/junk area for about a year
  • Make my own laundry detergent
  • Make 1/2 of the Christmas gifts we gave
  • Sew the curtains for the nursery
  • Do all of the normal “get the nursery ready” tasks
  • Rearrange our bedroom furniture
  • Sketch out a new furniture floor plan for every room in our house
  • Clean out hall closet to make mini-mudroom
  • I have also started cooking a lot more

Folks, it is getting out of control. Goodwill LOVES me right now. Or thinks I am crazy. Maybe both. I still plan on scrubbing both bathrooms, clean and reorganize my laundry closet, organize the upstairs closet, rearrange the loft (where my home office will be – that’s right, I am going to start working from home!), clean the kitchen REALLY well, scrub all floors and probably a lot more. Oh yeah, and I have only three weeks to go. We’ll see how that goes. And before you wonder where my husband is during all of this, he is usually at work when I decide I want to do another task and I don’t want to wait on him. He doesn’t mind.

I will take pictures of the nursery and put those up in the next week or so. A big nursery reveal should be loads of fun 🙂

And just because posts are more fun with pictures, here is one of my refrigerator after I organized it.


Drawing @ Pitter Patter Art

Lara @ Pitter Patter Art does some truly amazing art work. I love her paintings, t-shirts and mixed media art. She now has gift certificates for her little business. To kick off the gift certificates, she is holding a give away for a $25 gift certificate to Pitter Patter Art. All you have to do is leave a comment.

Head over there now for your chance to win!

Lara @ Pitter Patter Art

Lara @ Pitter Patter Art

Have I ever told you that I have a purse fetish? Well…I do. I love purses. Honestly, they are the only thing that I will buy multiples of when it comes to buying for me. I am not a girl who tries to dress in the latest fashions. I don’t get mani’s or pedi’s. I barely even wear makeup. But I do love purses. I don’t know what it is. Anyway, I will get to the point since I have begun to ramble.

This week I have come across a great ministry: Haitian Creations. The product of this ministry is, you guessed it, purses. The purses are handmade in Haiti, by the women of the Heartline Ministries Sewing Program. This is such an awesome concept.

Aaron wrote about it this week from his visit to Haiti:

“These women then sell their purses (through Heartline) and are able to make a personal profit off their products. They end up owning a sewing machine, keeping a portion of the profit and saving some in a personal banking account. In every practical way, they are learning skills and crafts to provide income and savings for themselves and their families. And they are incredibly skilled at it.”

Check out some of the designs! These are great!

purse-1 purse-2 purse-3 purse-4 purse-5 purse-6 purse-7 purse-8

*By clicking on any of these purses, it will take you to the artist and her other designs.

New hobby?

I am thinking about possibly getting a sewing machine. I do not know how to sew, nor have I ever really been around anyone while they were sewing (besides home ec, but that was like 8 years ago), but I want to learn. A dear friend of mine is the seamstress for the police dept her husband works for. I have also been reading a lot of blogs by women who sew. I think it is really neat.

Also, my husband seems to have shorter than the average legs. It is really hard finding pants that are not too long or (what he considers) too short. I would like to be able to hem his pants for him. He also apparently (we are newly weds, so I am discovering a lot of this stuff for the first time!) is impatient with tags on new clothes. He has ripped or made holes in at least two new shirts now. I would really like to be able to fix those too!

Does anyone have any tips for me? What is the easiest way to get into sewing? Are there any easy tutorials?

I really want to do this, but do not want to purchase the equipment unless I am really going to stick with it (which can be questionable). I also really like the idea of making presents instead of buying them. I love how personal that is!

Ok, let me know what you think. When/if I ever start I will be sure to post pictures on here! That will be loads of fun!


 I have talked to my mom and also my good friend Sharon about the possibility of using their old sewing machines. They both have one I can use and Sharon also has some sewing supplies I can have. This is so great because I won’t have to spend lots of money on getting a new hobby started! I am excited!

Soap Making

Ok, I am about to begin my new adventure of soap making. I have done some research on websites/blogs for recipes. The websites I have looked at have all emphasized the importance of precaution b/c working with lye can apparently be dangerous. So, I am off to purchase a soap making book. I think I have stated before that I really have wanted to be crafty for awhile now. It has been about two years that I have wanted to learn how to make soap. So here I go. Any suggestions, word of caution, recipes, help you have to offer is much appreciated!