One of the most common questions I have been asked is, “What do you crave?”. I honestly didn’t believe I have craved much. I have wanted a burger or steak maybe once or twice, even wanted carrots at one point, but nothing consistent… or so I thought.

Recently I have been drinking more milk than I normally do, but I just chalked that up to being lazy exhausted during my third trimester and eating cereal rather than cook anything. But I have also been drinking milk with my dinner each night and almost cried once because I wanted chocolate milk (ridiculous I know). I thought maybe I might be craving milk, but didn’t really think much about it. Until today.

I am a pretty lazy person when it comes to research so the reading I have done about pregnancy has been either through my friends answering texts or from the weekly updates sent via e-mail from I figure in the old days they just had each other to learn all about pregnancy so I really have one up on moms from 50 years ago… right?

Anyway, I get my weekly e-mails every Thursday. When reading today’s update (I am 29 weeks ya’ll!) I read that this kid is sucking 250 milligrams of calcium out of me each day. I am waiting for my hip to break while just sitting here typing this due to my bones no longer getting any calcium. Not really, I am just being overly dramatic. What? I am pregnant…. and me.

So yeah, I would say that I have had a craving during this pregnancy: milk… and cheese. (Side note/tangent: Could I be anymore obsessed with cheese? I won’t go to Cootie Brown’s until after I am pregnant just b/c avoiding the place all together is as far as my discipline goes in not eating their Blue Cheese Chips – apparently you are not supposed to eat Blue Cheese while preggers. If I went there to eat dinner, I would undoubtedly just say, “Screw it, I am ordering some”. Sorry mom, I know that was crude).

What about you? What were/are your cravings?