Oh how wonderful are all of the many changes pregnancy brings to a woman’s body! Um, kidding. They are not all wonderful, but not too bad. Definitely worth the outcome! One of the crazy changes I had was to my vision. I just got new glasses last October, and then when I got pregnant started getting awful headaches. I stopped wearing my glasses for a day or so, and although my vision was not repaired, no more headaches. I was told my several women not to get my glasses fixed because my vision could go back after pregnancy. So that is just great. I sit at a computer all day, and have to have fuzzy vision. No headaches, but my ability to see is that of a slightly intoxicated person.

In the past couple of weeks my vision is increasingly getting worse, still w/o the headaches. So today I have decided to give the glasses another go. I can see clearly again! But… I have had the glasses on for an hour and already feel a headache starting in the back of my eyeballs and spreading. Has anyone else had changes like this? I know about the shoe size changes, but my vision. Come on now!

Again, it is all worth it if I get my little guy. I am loving feeling him kick and get the hiccups. He has only had them a couple of times now, but so cute! Also, I found this little hat for him since he will be born in the midst of winter. I seriously can barely contain myself every time I see it 🙂 Don’t you just love it?!