You may have to get used to me posting a couple of times in one sitting. I go through times of not feeling like posting, then BAM, one day I feel like it. So there you go.

I just wanted to be sure to record on here how FREAKED OUT Tim is over there being a human in my belly. (Every time I say that phrase I think of this guy – Don’t click that if you are easily grossed out). Did I tell you (I forget everything these days) the other night we were eating dinner and I pulled up my shirt a bit to rub my very full belly, to which Tim responded with, “Can you please not do that while I am eating?!”. To say I was a bit shocked would be an understatement. Of course though I thought it was pretty funny too. Hey, some women may get offended, but I don’t for three reasons: 1) I know my husband loves me and would never want to intentionally hurt my feelings, 2) for some crazy reason I have not had mood swings, am not overly-emotional or hormonal feeling & 3) I also know that my husband says things at times with out thinking about all of the meanings that could come with his words. He ended up admitting that he thinks it is really weird that I have a human in my belly. I asked if that was part of the reason he wasn’t ever excited to feel the baby kick and he said yes.

Another night I could visibly see my belly jump when Jet moved around. I called Tim over there to see and he freaked out again. Is that normal? I have been told that fathers don’t really connect with the baby until he is holding said baby in his arms… but to be freaked out? I am not concerned at all, just curious. Tell me what you think here.

And because pictures are always fun, here I am at 26 weeks: