On my weekly baby updates I get in my inbox, I am told that if I were to start talking to my baby now (16 weeks) the baby should be able to hear me. This is also a way for Mom and Dad to feel more connected to the baby. Am I the only one who feels awkward talking to my belly? I suddenly feel like Ross from Friends. You know, b/c he thought the whole concept was absurd… at first.

I tried to talk to the babe while folding laundry but had no clue what to say. If you know me, this is an uncommon occurrence for me. One that I didn’t much care for. So, I have decided that I am going to try to read to the bundle of joy (wait, is it the baby considered that yet when it is yet to be out of the womb and unable to be “bundled”?) to make up for this sudden lack of wordage. I have a couple of books that I know I will read (I love you to the moon and back, Oh the places you will go, oh yeah, the Bible) but I wanted to get feedback from you.

What are some books from your childhood that you loved? Or books you have read to your kiddos? Oh, also include books that I can read during pregnancy that the pictures don’t necessarily matter, but they won’t drive me crazy 🙂