I was looking at my old posts and saw that on my list of things to do I had “birth a baby”. Guess what folks, as long as everything goes well, that is going to happen in about 7 months. That’s right, I am preggo. I have just entered my 2nd trimester. Honestly, I would have announced it on here before, but in my first trimester I pretty much went to work and then went home to bed every day. My house didn’t even get cleaned one bit during that time. And all of my laundry that has actually been cleaned is just all thrown in the corner of my bedroom. Needless to say, I did nothing extra at first. But, I am feeling less tired (not really that burst of energy everyone raves about during the second trimester, but hey, I’ll take what I can get!).

There have definitely been some pretty comical moments so far. Tim has been absolutely amazing. I have gotten more foot rubs in the last few weeks than I have in our entire relationship. Seriously he has stepped up and been wonderful. Now in the second semester when I no longer feel sick or that tired I kind of feel like I have no reason to be so spoiled… although I won’t tell him that 😉

A couple of quotes to leave you with (and I am warning you, these are real, meaning there might be a little TMI… hey, I am pregnant here):

While sitting outside my first appointment (7 weeks along) I told Tim that I am only supposed to gain 25 to 30 pounds but I have already gained 10 pounds, he said, “Oh good you are already half way there!”. To which I responded, “I AM ONLY 7 WEEKS ALONG!”

I grossed Tim out one day by declaring that I didn’t know if I needed to poop or vomit. (TMI?)

One night when Tim got home from work (around mid-night, which is normal) he had to help me out of the bed so I could go on my many nightly trips to pee. I have no idea why I needed help b/c I am not even showing yet. He apparently thought it was funny and made the comment the next day that I was going to be like that lady on What’s eating Gilbert Grape? To which I responded: DO YOU MEAN THE ONE THAT WAS SO FAT THEY HAD TO LIGHT THE HOUSE ON FIRE WHEN SHE DIED B/C THEY COULDN’T GET HER OUT?!” He sat there dumbfounded that he accidentally stumbled into that one. He then said, “I just meant you are just going to lie around!” You can see a picture of her HERE.

I can assure you there will be more. Along with other ridiculous moments. And I promise to share.