Since I use my husband’s “oops” moments pretty often to share a bit of comedy with you, I figured I would tell on myself at least once. But don’t get used to this 😉

Yesterday I had a City Services Day with the local Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program I am a part of. We visited the local landfill, recycling center, water treatment plant, fire hall and police station. Most definitely the favorites of the day were the fire station and police station. At the fire hall the fire fighters demonstrated cutting a car open and another demonstration with them crawling through a tight space with wires hanging everywhere dressed in all of their gear. They even let me dress in full gear… which about weighed me down! (Pictures to come on that one). At the police station the favorite part was trying on the drunk goggles and trying to walk a straight line. You can see a poor kid trying an obstacle course with them on here. I actually did well with those and didn’t stumble at all… to which none of my classmates liked b/c I think they were counting on my to be the clumsiest of us all.

After the day of touring city services, Tim came to pick me up (we only have one vehicle right now). While telling him about the fire hall I told him that I might have to buy fire fighter gear for him. After staring at me for a long moment, he said, “maybe you shouldn’t have told me that one”. What?! I’m just trying to have an honest relationship here! 😉