We are celebrating the life of two precious ladies today…

Grayce Denton was Tim’s great-aunt. Tim was adopted by his grandparents and raised by them and his grandmother’s two sisters, Grayce being one of them. Tim has said that Grayce was the one he butted heads with the most growing up, but I think that is b/c he might be most like her and she challenged him the most. As an adult, Tim has been closer to her. She was fiesty, loving and funny while I have known her over the past 8 years. She was loved and will be missed. She died at 92 years of age and was fiesty all of the way to the end. Today is her memorial service. Here is a picture of Tim and her a couple of months ago:

Tim and Grayce

Today also just so happens to be the birthday of sweet Daphene, our Compassion International sponsored child. While I cannot post a picture, I can tell you that she is from Haiti and she is a doll. Daphene has now been in our life for a couple of years and she is SO precious to us. Not only are we getting to pour into her life, but she is writing to us, drawing pictures and praying for US. Gosh I love this girl who I have never met. She turns 8 years old today! I hope that she knows she is loved.

If you are interested in learning more about Compassion, click HERE. Not only will you be supporting a child when partnering with Compassion, but you will possibly be saving their life. And YOUR life will be blessed beyond measure I can promise you that.

So, today we are celebrating Grayce and Daphene, both are loved.