Tim and I have been looking for a washer and dryer to purchase with some of our tax return money for a couple of months now. We have literally bought a used washer and dryer three times now since we have been married. That is nearly a washer and dryer set every year of marriage. Ridiculous. So, we wanted to buy a new one, and I don’t mean “new to us”. Right now our washer is leaking (however it is leaking within its own barrel, so it hasn’t been that bad) and the ball baring is going bad in the dryer so it is really shrilly & squeaky when we dry clothes. We are really hurting for something a bit better.

I had heard that in February there are really good sales on w & d sets. I am not a good bargain hunter at all. One time when I was trying to do the whole couponing thing I spent $75 over my budget while trying to get the good deals. I get impatient and frustrated very easily with it. So, I was hoping in February I would just walk into an appliance store and wallah, there would be a GREAT deal just waiting on me. No such luck. When we went back in Feb, they were only taking 15% off, and that didn’t equal to much.

Yesterday, after a looong hard day, Tim and I were going out to blow off some steam. You know, in the crazy way we do…. to buy him a rain jacket. (I know, it is hard to handle just how wild we are). We went to the mall and didn’t really find anything he liked. While we were there I remembered my mom telling me that Sears was having a sale on all appliances. I really thought it was the same sale as last time we were there but we would check it out anyway.

When we went to Sears, the sale had actually jumped up to 30% off Kenmore appliances. We quickly started looking at the different deals and found one we actually liked and was in our price range. Since we don’t want anything fancy in a w & d, we ended up finding one that was $319 a piece, marked down from $435 each. I thought that was a really good deal. After talking to the sales guy, we decided to forgo the additional four-year warranty since both pieces already came with a one year. After having so many used w & d sets, we know a guy (actually a gal) who is a really good appliance repairer. We figured if anything breaks after a year we can talk with her or fix it ourselves (another perk to having used vehicles and appliances, you learn to fix them yourself). We also are not getting it delivered, which would have cost us another 70 bucks.

While we were being rung up, it was discovered the only dryer left was the display. Since there is a warranty and there was no visibly damage, we really didn’t mind. When he was saying they were all out I just said casually (and confidently :)), “So how much more of a discount will you give me for the display?” I really think the salesman was a bit surprised (and so was I!), but ended up taking it down to $299. That’s not a lot of from the sales price, but getting a dryer for $299 that was originally $435 is pretty exciting to me! We ended up paying $650 + tax on something that would have been $870 + tax. Wahoo!

Saturday we will go pick up our new w & d. I really can’t wait to do a load of laundry and there actually be quiet in the house 🙂

Kenmore Washer & Dryer set