My husband and I are going on 4 years of marriage. And can I just say, we could not be more different (but we couldn’t be matched any better). Anyone who knows us would agree. One major difference is I like to talk out everything. I mean, I don’t think I can fully process something unless I talk it out. He on the other hand is the type who holds the thought process of, “Baby, I told you that I love you once before… was that not enough?” (That’s not really true about telling me he loves me… well not completely. But it is about many other things). With wanting to talk out everything, I like to talk out our plan to get things done. Tim is also the type that will totally forget that I even told him, even though I told him 4 times over the past two weeks, that we have plans tomorrow and he should be ready. (You should also know that I plan out exactly when to tell him of said plans so he will hopefully remember them).

Now I am fully aware that this can, at some point, come across as nagging. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am real good at nagging. This morning I asked Tim if we could go the whole day without him picking on me. He said yes and asked if we could go the whole day w/o me nagging or bossing him around. I said yes as well. But then I asked him if we could sit down and talk out where the line is between nagging and holding accountable. He said yes, but probably not today 🙂

I have also learned to let a lot go over the past four years. There was no way I could live the rest of my life wanting to control as much as I did when we were first married. But I still have a looong way to go.

So, since I am most certainly not an expert on marriage and will forever be learning how to be a good and godly wife, I want your opinion. Where is that line? What do you think? And I’d love to hear your stories on how you learned this. I have some pretty comical ones myself!