I have two younger sisters who are 15 & 16 years old (12 & 13 years younger than me). I live about six hours away from them so I don’t always get to participate in their life. That makes me really sad. I know that is just part of life, moving away and separating from your family, but I sometimes have a really hard time with it.

Anyway, last night my whole family, excluding me b/c I am 6 hours away, went out to celebrate my youngest sibling’s 15th birthday. Oh my word they are getting old. Both of my sisters took their boyfriends with them. I asked them to send me pictures since I have never met these smucks guys. My mom sent me pictures that I got this morning. Why do I go into super over protective mode and immediately want to beat these kids up? When I met one of the last boyfriends I wanted to try to be mean scare him a bit (I didn’t thank goodness). Didn’t think he was showing enough respect to my sister nor my parents. When in reality, the kid was really sweet and great. I am not even their parents, haven’t even met the new guys, and I already know they are up to no good and don’t deserve my sweet and precious little sisters. Now, I am not stupid naive and think that the girls are perfect little angels, but they are too young to have boyfriends. Good gosh I am old to be thinking that way!! But I remember what I was like and what guys were like at that age, and I DON’T want that for them. Please tell me I am not alone in feeling psycho like this? Somebody…?

Can you tell I am freaking out a bit?