I feel like that is what Indonesia is going through right now. I am astounded to hear about and look at pictures from what is going on there now. Have you heard? They had an earthquake, tsunami and volcano eruption all in a matter of days. And Haiti. After the earthquake and floods they are now struggling to survive cholera. What devastation. My heart is broken for them. How can they handle this much? I want to pray for them, but where do I start. I feel like this is one of those moments that I just ask for the Holy Spirit to hear my prayer through my broken heart, through my confusion, through my desperation for these countries. No words, just massive emotions.

Jesus, do a mighty work that only you can do. But let us see that it is You who allowed this and we should fear you as well as love you.

Our lives can end just. like. that. With no warning. May we make much of HIM who rescues & redeems our soul and doesn’t always concentrate on keeping our earthly, temporary, bodies healthy/alive.

If you have not seen anything of the events in Indonesia, here is a link to BIG Picture on Boston.com. Just a warning: Some of the pictures can be graphic.