A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of coordinating Ethan & Sarah’s wedding. can I just say, this couple, along with their families, are amazing. I have never felt so comfortable and loved during a time where I could potentially be stressed out! They were so great.  These people have a special place in my heart after spending many hours with them planning such a great evening. I have seldom met people who love Jesus and love people quite so well.

One of the things I was most excited about while coordinating their wedding was their photographer: Caroline Fontenot. I have seen her work from two or three other weddings in this area, and let me tell ya: the girl has got skillz. She was SO much fun to work with and so laid back. It did not feel like we were working along side one another at the wedding b/c she was SO stress free to work with. She just kind of did her thing, even helped pull other areas together. She (and her second-shooter/hubby, Mark) were awesome to work with. And the outcome: fabulous (read in a singing tune)!

Check it out for yourself and then book her for your next [insert event where you need pictures here].

Here is a link to Ethan & Sarah’s pictures. Enjoy 🙂