I have always LOVED dancing. I mean really. Only, I am not coordinated, am quite clumsy, non-athletic and well, I just can’t pull it off. So that left me just dancing in the privacy of my home usually at the end of a dance movie (my favorite being this one). I have never really thought that it was a good idea to dance out in public since I really don’t know what I am doing, I just want to get out there to attempt to move to a really fun beat. So I haven’t… until recently.

Two weekends ago I coordinated a wedding for the amazingly fabulous Ethan and Sarah. I LOVED working with these two and their families. I mean honestly, I don’t think I could have felt more comfortable and loved by anyone else that I don’t really know 🙂 One thing that Sarah said to me while in the planning process was she really hoped people would dance at her wedding. Of course she did! Any bride hiring a DJ wants dancing b/c it is FUN! So, while at the reception, I took it upon myself to start a circle where people would jump in the middle to showcase their moves. (There were already a ton of people dancing b/c the DJ’s were great, I just wanted a little more!) Well, every once and awhile people would get shy, and b/c I wanted my bride to be happy, I would jump in there, bust a move then pull someone else in the middle. Can I just tell you: I LOVED IT. It was SO much fun!! Do you know that I got her Nana out there! She was precious and danced right along with me! I’ll just say again, I absolutely LOVED their families!

Also, Ethan and Sarah’s AH-MAZING photographer, Caroline, ended up doing the worm across the dance floor! That girl is SO much fun. And SO talented (with her dance and photography skillz 😉 )! Check out this link for a preview of the wedding pics. Also, in the right picture you can see a crazy person on the other side of Sarah (the bride) dancing with her hair all in her face. Yeah, that’d be me.

Of course now, I want to bust a move anyplace that has music. Yesterday at the mall I started mildly dancing in Forever 21. Then today I was in the Verizon store and they had Salt ‘N’ Pepa’s “Whatta Man” playing. I couldn’t help laughing to myself (meaning, I was standing there by myself laughing, probably causing everyone there to think I was a crazy person) thinking about how I was THIS CLOSE to dancing in the middle of Verizon!

I may have started something… I’ll let you know if I actually do end up showing my moves in a public place where dancing is not encouraged.