I want to take a moment to brag on my God right now. To do this, I need to tell you a little story about the past couple of months in my life.

My husband and I bought a condo in May. We LOVE it. We really do. It has been the perfect first home (that we own) for us. Because we purchased a home, we were expecting to get the first time home buyers tax credit. Now if you know us, you know my husband has a really old truck. You will also know how much he loves his truck. He has named it and even gets defensive if I speak ill of said truck (thank goodness he does not read my blog nor get on Facebook!). His truck is a 24 year old Toyota 4×4 Pickup. If you are a guy, you would most likely marvel at it, rust and all. If you are a girl, you would most likely feel sorry for me when I have to drive the thing. But, to its defense, it is A LOT of fun to drive it when there is snow and ice on the roads. It does not effect it whatsoever. SO much fun. Anyways, I am rambling, we really thought that Bee (the truck, named after Bumblebee on Transformers 🙂 would die before Nissandra (my little 11 year old Nissan Sentra). Both have been GREAT vehicles, besides a ton few major minor hiccups along the way. Regardless, you would think, you would THINK the car would outlast the truck.

So, b/c of all of this way of thinking, when we got the housing tax credit, we were planning on trading the truck in along with a good down payment for a new (to us) vehicle. That was the plan the WHOLE time. And while we had this plan, it took longer than I would have thought for the said tax credit to come in. I messed up the paperwork (b/c I tried to do it all myself, not knowing what I was doing whatsoever), so it was sent back to us telling us to redo it. I was really frustrated and stressed out because of all of this. I really thought we needed the tax credit asap. But I was not expecting it until December, hopefully. Well, about three weeks ago we received a letter in the mail from the IRS stating they had received all of our paperwork, everything was good to go and we should receive our payment in three to four weeks. We were excited, but also antsy.

While all this is going on (all of this meaning everyday checking the mail box only to come up empty handed – no check), my car, Nissandra, breaks down at a busy intersection in town… during lunch hour. Lately it has sounded a little too much one of those VW cars that has the diesel engine (that’s right, right?), only it does not in fact have a diesel engine. As I was sitting at this intersection waiting for my green light, I realize how quiet Nissandra all of a sudden is. I look at my dash to discover she has died. Only, it didn’t jump the way a five-speed usually does when you it stalls. So, as I try to restart it, I find that it won’t restart. I was SO embarrassed b/c I was the first car in a long line of vehicles waiting for a green light, and now my car won’t budge (the Lord has also been teaching me about my own pride and humbling me quite a bit lately, which is for another post). So while I call Tim, the nice man in the car behind me comes up to my car and offers to push me out of the way. I felt so bad for him b/c no one offered to help him (I was steering and he was pushing my car by himself), but SO grateful for him.

Anyway, a long story short, we had my car towed. We also had some AMAZING friends let us borrow one of their vehicles so we would not have to rely on Tim’s truck (that just wouldn’t start on Sunday, but then decided to start on Monday) or rent a car.

We got a call yesterday from the mechanic. It will cost at least $1,400 to fix my car, and possibly another $1,000. I said to the man, “Well that sounds more than it is worth”, then he replied with a simple, “Yes ma’am”. Great. I told Tim, “Who would have thought Nissandra would go out before Bee!” and he replied, “Well I would”. Of course. Always loyal TO A TRUCK.

So, I started looking all over the internet for good deals on vehicles for me, since we do not have the tax credit in yet, and no one will take my car as a trade in now that it has kicked it. Tim and I discussed our options, but weren’t stressed out about it. I have no idea why, but we really weren’t stressed. Tim had an unusually free Thursday night, so we went out on a date. After we got back we strolled down to the mailbox to check the mail. Guess what was in there: the check! After us BOTH doing a happy dance and praising God in the parking lot, we then talked about the perfect timing in all of this.

Here it is: the point to this post :):

If we would have gotten the check ANY earlier, we would have most definitely traded in the truck with the money as a down payment for a new vehicle. Then we would have a newer vehicle with a payment, then my car would have died. Then we would have had to, at some point, need to get another vehicle with a payment. Not ideal for our situation. But because the check came in the SAME day we found out Nissandra is gone forever, we will (hopefully) have a vehicle that will last at least a year longer + a reliable vehicle with no payment. Now we know which vehicle will be able to do that.

How GOOD is our GOD! HIS timing is PERFECT. I was just thinking this morning how pointless my anxiety and frustration was about getting all of the paperwork turned in and get the process complete. That was MY timing, not His. He knows what is going on. He has got it under control.

Okay, like I said, I just wanted to take a moment to brag 🙂

Tell me about a time when it was evident God’s timing is perfect in your life.