I have read so many blogs from my Google Reader where someone hasn’t blogged in so long and they proclaim they are the worst blogger ever. Truth is, you have read it from my blog pretty often as well. These past few months have been pretty stressful for me. You see, we bought our first home (well, our first one that we have owned). We purchased a condo just a couple of weeks ago. Can I just say, we love it! We are thrilled with our new home. Never would have thought that we would buy a condo, but we are so excited about it!

I am really getting more excited about our kitchen. So far it has been my least favorite room in the house b/c of lack of storage, the floors & cabinets are slightly uneven and there is that one drawer that sticks every time we try to open it. However, we have found some racks/shelves to put by the wall/bar area, we are thinking about putting an island in the center of the kitchen (which is something we have always wanted) and possibly a pot rack over that. At some point I would LOVE to get to new cabinets and get rid of that ugly trash compactor, but I think for now we will have to wait.

The rest of the rooms are great. I might want to change out some of the doors, and possibly change the flooring, but other than that everything is great. All the walls are a cream color. I thought I would want to paint the walls and change the color, but now I am not sure. The whole condo is really open. We have huge windows and even a loft. Each of the rooms in the living area/kitchen/loft has at least one wall knocked out so everything is really open. We love it! It doesn’t feel like an apartment at all (like we feel like a lot of condos do). The sunlight that spills into the condo from the ginormous windows and the color of the walls looks just right. What other colors (not a yellow color) look good with high ceilings, big windows and sunlight? I have seen kind of a purple-ish gray color that I really like for maybe my bathroom, but that will be some time down the road.

I will definitely get some pictures up soon. It is a humble home, but it is our’s and we love it!