I don’t really like New Year Resolutions. I don’t think they really ever work out. Or do they and I am just totally wrong? Well, maybe they just don’t work out for me. Having my memory, and fickleness (yes, that is a word, or it is now), these lists are just a waste of time usually. So, there are two things I want to work on this year. Okay, four. Hopefully they will work out better than the other lists.

1) Do better with sending cards for special occasions. I used to be decent with this. But this year I have failed.

2) Journal more (I doubt this one will happen. I tend to romanticize journaling, and then when it comes to actually doing it, I think to myself, “I don’t really care about what I am doing”, and then I stop. Must be less shallow and actually think things thru…)

3) Take more pictures (since I have received two cameras as presents this year, I really hope to fulfill this one)

4) Run a FULL marathon (oh, for the love! Everything in me says I won’t do this one, and so does my husband, but I hope to at least. I hope to become the type of person who does this kind of stuff. But then there are those people who say people don’t change)

5) FINISH a Bible study. I am famous (well, probably no one knew this before now, except my mom) for starting Bible studies and not finishing them. I seriously think the last Bible study I finished was when I was 16. Hopefully I can do this.

6) Make a new friend.

7) Serve those who are at or below poverty level.

8) Love people more (I am a pretty cynical person, and sometimes it is just easier/more comfortable to stand back from the crowd rather than be vulnerable and actually get to know someone)

9) Be less self-centered (just being honest here)

10) Be a better wife.

Ha, who knew. I did actually have a list. Well, I hope to look back on it in December and see that I have checked off some of these, and that I continually work on others. I’ll keep you posted 🙂