Here are just a couple of pictures from mixing the Master Cleanse drink the other night. Pictures are always fun 🙂 And, I got to take them with my new camera, so that is even more fun.

What I have to drink in one day. And that is just the minimum!

The book we are reading suggests drinking an herbal laxative tea. (Have I started sharing too much yet? 😉

Me, trying to get excited about the laxative tea.

Tim, showing how excited he was for the laxative tea.

Here we go!

I didn't like the taste. And, btw, we had to take this picture a couple of times because I thought my reaction made my face a little too ugly. lol

Okay, so I am a major drama queen. This was not even the drink that is the detox. They just suggest pairing this to make the process “easier”. Okay, no more details on that, I promise. I mean, it doesn’t bother me, but I realize I might lose some of you if I do share 😉

Also, be expecting more photos on here now that I have this camera. I am excited!