Today was to be my first day of the whole Master Cleanse detox diet. Well, I had my mix and even my first cup (well, have of a cup at least) and it did not go over so well. The cayenne pepper burns my lips, mouth and throat. Then, after awhile, it started to make me sick at my stomach. That, paired with the cold I have, is not so great. Not only do I have this strange fluid going into my empty stomach, I also have snot draining into my stomach. I got sick with the first glass. So, it is being put off another week. I will try again when I don’t have this cold.

I promise, I am going to do it. Really, I do. I think it is really important and good for my body. I just can’t do it now.

I have also been told about cayenne pepper capsules. I am going to take two of those in the mornings and leave it out of the drink. Hopefully that way I will still get all of the benefits, but won’t burn myself. I hardly ever eat spicy food, so the cayenne was just too much.

Tomorrow I will try to post pictures of Tim and I starting the detox process. 🙂

Hope your day was great!