Over the past couple of years I have started noticing certain effects of food that I have not dealt with before. The unwanted weight gain, feeling horrible after eating loads of junk food and a severe lack of energy. Am I finally hitting the point in life where I actually have to pay attention to what I eat? Does it finally really matter what I eat? Do I need to start eating healthily and not just eat whatever I want in order to stop the hunger pangs? The answer to all of these is regrettably: yes.

I grew up a skinny girl. I have been asked several times if I really eat. Odd question, especially if that same person spends any amount of time around me. I LOVE to eat. Really, I do. So much so that it has become just a habit for me to eat while I am bored, or to eat something that I am sure I will love the taste, or to eat any time I start to feel the teeniest bit hungry. I am fortunate that I have this ability, and yet cursed at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, the curse is NOT that I have food to eat. The curse is that there is really no limit/boundary put in place as to how much I can eat. Seriously. There are snack canisters in my office. There is even a freaking jar of chocolate on my desk. Why wouldn’t I eat to my heart’s (or shall I say stomach’s) desire?! But, as I have gotten older, my body has began begging for me to stop. “Stop eating all of that crap you keep shoveling in your pie whole while we have to deal with it!”, shout all of the parts of my body (and my really tight jeans). Just tonight we went to the movies and I ate just a small amount of popcorn, now I feel really sick to my stomach. That is just no fun.

So, I have decided to listen. However much I WILL regret it later, I am infusing discipline into my diet.

Several months ago I read that Jamie and Aaron had decided to do the Master Cleanse. I was intrigued. I have wanted to do some sort of cleansing diet for a couple of years now, but was forewarned by my husband that it would make me have to “poop” a lot. That seemed to be enough to keep me away for the time being. Well, I am now moving forward, taking on the less favorable side effects as well as the good.

A couple of weeks ago I decided I would start the year off with the diet. I put off purchasing anything for it until tonight. I am such a procrastinator. I should have been better prepared. I had hoped to begin tomorrow, but am now deciding to put it off for another day, due to a lack of supplies needed.

I am actually excited about the whole diet. I have decided to let you all in on it. I promise not to reveal any gross details, for your sake and mine.

Also, after reading over the book I bought at Earth Fare, I am actually starting to be interested in becoming a vegetarian. We shall see how that turns out though. I love me some meat!

Tim has said that he is going to do at least a portion of the diet with me. He hopes to sheds some pounds with it (you aren’t eating for days and you are going to the bathroom multiple times a day, of course you are going to lose weight!) and start eating healthily. Both of us are grumps when hungry, so we will see how that turns out!

Let me know if any of you have done anything like this before. I am interested to hear how it turned out for you.

I’ll keep you posted 🙂