Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope your week has been glorious. And before we get started, I have a confession. I just watched the movie Julie & Julia and, while I am not too sure how much I liked the movie (the ending at least) I am feeling rather inspired to blog this evening.

Just wanted to let you know what all is going on here these past couple of days. Did you know my car has been broken down? Well, it is. I has been for over a month now. The alternator has been dead. My husband has been diligently working on getting it fixed…himself. I love my husband. I’ll just say that. He has been great, and patient (whereas I have not been). We had plans to go be with my family in Nashville for Christmas, as long as my car was working. You see, he has a truck that is (I kid you not) 23 years old, AND the muffler FELL OFF Monday. Can I just tell you how much joy fills my heart driving a really old truck that has no muffler all the while praying that one of the 9 million cops I pass will  not pull me over for the horribly loud noise and the pollutant that will most certainly poison each jay walker I pass (NONE). I do not like it one bit. But Tim, he loves it, so much so that he is sure to rev his engine when he starts it up. He is so proud.

Anyway, some of our friends (we love the Walkers!) came over to help us out on Christmas Eve. Ernie and another very nice man named Jamie came to work on my car with Tim and did for about 4 hours. Thank You God for amazing people in this world! I stayed inside the whole time cleaning and hanging out. Finally I saw them leave and Tim came in. He told me that they were going to come back but could not until after the first of the year. I was disheartened but tried to not show it so I could be supportive to Tim. Then, after seeing my reaction, he told me it was really fixed. YAY!! My car runs now 🙂 I was so excited that I ran out to my car just to move it to another parking spot. Seriously, I was that excited.

Even though the car was fixed, we thought it would be a better idea to not drive 300 miles after just getting the car working after it has been dead for over a month. So we just took it easy. At the last minute a dear friend of mine asked if I could fill in for her by doing a reading in the church Christmas Eve service. I loved getting to be a part of the service. I love getting to fellowship with all of the people at church. Don’t you love community? Anyway, after sitting beside three incredibly adorable little girls and not wishing at all that I had some of my own (yeah right), Tim and I came home to just chill (I am so gangsta). We went to bed early. I noticed how easily I am able to go to sleep on the eve of Christmas now that I am all grown up. Totally under-rated.

This morning I got up around 8 AM after having some bad dreams (I’ll share more on that later). I got up to Skype with my family. Josh (my brother) showed my mom and dad the pictures we had made for them for Christmas. My mom, who hates the fact that we did not open ANY presents on Christmas day (not exaggerating there, Tim and I don’t really buy presents for each other) opened a couple of presents of mine and showed them to me over the webcam. She is so funny. There was also a funny moment when she was trying to talk to me about Tim’s present she had gotten him. She asked me to cover his ears, then started to do sign language for me. I said, “Mom, you told me to cover his ears then started to sign”. We both started laughing. Tim said that he could totally see how I was her daughter. Apparently we react the same way when we do something that embarrasses us but is also funny (we put our hands to our eyes). Mom and I both laughed as Tim walked away shaking his head.

After chatting with the fam, I cooked a big breakfast, Tim and I read about baby Jesus coming to this world to rescue us all, then laid low for awhile. I took a nap on the couch. Then we got up and walked the dogs. It was 54 degrees here today and sunny, loved it!

We got to the park, and immediately the stupid car died again. (You have got to be kidding me!) Tim got it running again. We walked the dogs and then started heading to Blockbuster so I could rent Gilmore Girls (which, by the way, anyone want to let me borrow their copy, Blockbuster does not carry it anymore). Tim remembered he didn’t bring his money. So we headed back home, to where we could not get the car started again. So, we hopped into the truck (great) and headed to the movie store.

We are back home now. Tim just got done cooking a glorious meal. Tomorrow, we will lay low again and I will cook a couple of recipes from The Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook. I am pretty excited about that 🙂 I’ll keep you up to date on the status of the car.

How was your Christmas?