I have heard people who are in the process of adopting say that they have received some nasty comments about what they were doing. I thought that was unbelievable and wondered why on earth any one would have something bad to say about this wonderful (and hard) process. But then, when I think about it, I remember that my family has received some pretty bad comments/reactions about adopting my two sisters. I will not go into why I believe these people have these comments, however, I do want to tell you a small piece of why I believe adoption is incredible/beautiful/important/needed/a miracle.

Brandon wrote a post about he and his wife‘s adoption (they are on their way back from picking up their son now!). I kept trying to decide which part of his post would sum up what I think, but honestly, I think all of it is needed to show you how amazing adoption truly is. Please go read it.

I share an office with a Christian adoption agency. I love the people who work for this agency and truly believe they are doing what God has called them to do. These people put their heart and soul into taking care of these babies, and they love the families & birth moms they serve. One of the ladies was telling me how many horrible and nasty comments they get all of the time. Some are about them (i.e. you just buy babies and try to sell them) and some are about birth moms (i.e. I don’t see how anyone could call themselves a mom/woman if they give up their baby). I just want to say, while there may be many exceptions, there is a HUGE misconception about birth moms. They are NOT all women who are totally irresponsible and just want to continue a life of partying and a kid would only get in their way. Again, there are exceptions, but a lot of the birth moms I have met, this is not the case. These women see that they cannot provide the best life for this child and yearn for the child to grow up educated, safe, with plenty of food and clothing, and much more. These women are making a self-less decision to not think of themselves and how bad they will feel (because believe me, they DO feel for this child), rather they think of the child’s well-being. They are making the ultimate sacrifice. I more than likely COULD NOT ever make this decision, but that is NOT because I am a better person/mother than any of these birth moms. I would just never have the strength to do that.

Mark Schultz was adopted and once thought of his birth mom as someone who just gave him up. One night a friend told him something that would change his world:

I understand that there are a lot of people who are set in how they think/feel about the whole subject. I understand that I will probably step on some people’s toes. I won’t apologize, rather I will hope that if you are one of those people that we can one day chat about our views.