I feel like I have a billion things going on right now. Work is crazy busy (and I LOVE it), school is intense and I get about one day a week to actually get to hang out with hubby. I have a lot going on needless to say, and with that, I have a lot of thoughts rolling around in my noggin. Just wanted to list a few for ya to keep you updated 🙂

  • I am a very fickle person. I mean, really. So now that I am in school, I kind of don’t want to be. I have really struggled with figuring out if I have made the wrong choice, whether I really want to be a teacher or not, or if I am just wanting to give up because it is hard (most likely the last one). Right now I am definitely staying in the program. I would have wasted a lot of money and let down a lot of people if I didn’t. Let me state that again, I AM staying in the program. This is just a thought process I have been going through lately.
  • I think I have told just about everybody that Tim and I plan to grow our family through adoption. I really am only interested in being pregnant once. I want to experience it, and then be done with it. Also, there are 143 BILLION orphans in the world. That number is too great to not be a part of decreasing that number, even if it is just a little. Also, I really feel that if you are a Christian, you should AT LEAST consider adoption. After all, you have been adopted into the Kingdom of God. So, with all of that said, Tim and I are praying about starting the process, and soon. I can’t tell you how excited I am. I know that it will still be about three more years before we bring home baby, but just beginning the journey is an amazing feeling. I am on the road to my child. That just makes me want to scream with joy 🙂 We will first adopt from the Philippines. That is why I say the process will most likely take about three years. That is about how long it takes right now from that country, and I am prepared for that. I hope I don’t go crazy! Please be praying for us on that subject.
  • Can I just say that I LOVE my husband? Because I do. Because of certain events that have happened in our lives recently, he came to me the other day and said he wanted to be proactive about having a healthy marriage. He is great and has really followed through 🙂
  • Please go check out the Real Hope For Haiti Rescue Center. They have an incredible ministry in Haiti. It is amazing what the Lord does through them. Right now, their funds are really low. They could use YOUR help. Please read over the blog and see what incredible things they do in Haiti and how they serve the people there. And, if you feel led, please donate to them. If you ever feel a calling to go serve the people of Haiti, they can hook you up. They love for volunteers to come and serve them.
  • Loving reading the blogs of those who went on the Compassion International trip to El Salvador. If you have never considered/prayed about Compassion International’s Child Sponsorship Program (sponsors like you pay $38 (in the U.S.) to meet the physical and spiritual needs of school-aged kids) please do so NOW. You will be forever changed.
  • Still keeping an open mind to serving young, possibly single mothers. It is amazing how so many opportunities have presented themselves in the past couple of weeks. I am excited to share in the near future.
  • I am REALLY wanting to get more involved in serving my community. I love my church family and they present so many opportunities to do this. I am thinking the previous point will be my vehicle to achieving this. I just want to get to know the people I am basically doing life with every day and don’t even know their names. I want to get to know who they are, what makes them tick, what their passions are, what is going on in their lives.
  • I have no idea when I will fit anything new into my life. I am SO busy all of the time. Any time I mention anything new to some of my close friends or Tim, they always ask when am I going to do that. Hopefully that will work itself out.
  • I am HORRIBLE with time management. I am such a procrastinator. I mean, really. And what is ridiculous is I HATE that about myself, but I do nothing about it. I think I heard on Dr. Phil before that it is because I am so self-centered, which is true. I really hope I grow up in that department, and soon!
  • I decided to take a break from Facebook for awhile. I did well, for one day. That evening I finally broke and got on. That was when I found out I had one friend that was pregnant and another having problems with her pregnancy. Look how much changes in that small amount of time. Needless to say, my very short break is over. Did I mention I don’t have much self-control either?

Okay, I think that is pretty much the jest of it. I am sure there is much more, but that is all I can think of for now.