This morning, at this very moment, Gideon (who is 6 years old) has been in major surgery, to remove a brain tumor the size of an orange, for nearly two hours. The surgery will be approximately 7 hours (I think).

Last week, Gideon’s parents noticed he was sort of losing mobility. He was becoming wobbly and was struggling with motor skills a healthy 6-year old boy should not be struggling with. Finally, Halloween night, after consulting with a family friend, they decided to take Gideon to the hospital just to get things checked out. That visit changed the lives of the entire family. A CAT scan revealed a brain tumor the size of an orange. Gideon was rushed to a near by Children’s Hospital. Now, a week later, he is in surgery. The doctors are very optimistic. They believe the tumor to be benign and totally treatable. John, Gideon’s dad, said this morning in a Facebook message:

“For the last fifteen minutes, i’ve watched Shannon playing with Gideon. He is laughing and enjoying all the new toys. It is so good to hear him laugh.
This is hard….no doubt. Although the doctor is optimistic, there is a possibility that we never see Gideon like this again. The poor little guy has no idea what he’s in for tomorrow. We love him so much. I remember when we were picking out his name. One thing I didn’t want was for people to call him “Giddy”. Well, with a personality like his, the name is totally appropriate and I’m so happy for the these 6 years with my little Giddy.
This week has been some of the toughest days ever. Yet we have a great peace because we know Who is in charge of all of this. Shannon and I both feel as if God has been preparing us for this for many years. We both greatly desire for Gideon to get fully back to “normal” and to live a long productive life. But we know there is something even more important: that God will get glory!
Friends, none of what has happened this week to our family is a surpise to God. This is not a curse but rather a gift from a loving God. This ailment causes us to long for our real home, where there will never be any brain tumors or tears. This ailment remind us that God is in complete control. God could have prevented this tumor, but He didn’t. He gave us this gift so that He may get glory by pushing us closer to a closer dependence on Him. He is a good God.
Some of you reading this I know are not lovers the one true Sovereign God. We hope that our trial can be used as a means to bring you into a relationship with Him.
Some of you reading this I know have a hard time understanding or believing that God can be loving and still be behind this. I pray that our testimony may have a part to see Him as most loving when He causes us to be more satisfied in Him. He is more valuable than anything….even our children.
We love all of you. We so appreciate each one of you.”

I am amazed at this family’s faith. The whole way they have done nothing but point people to the Lord through this whole process. Also, witnessing the Church rally around them in prayer and support has been amazing as well. People who have never met Gideon have come to love him through prayer because of the LORD our GOD.

Please join with me this morning in praying for this baby boy and his family. He has three brothers and one sister at home missing their brother. I’ll keep you posted as they update us on the surgery. Gideon’s precious momma is also updating on her blog when she can.


Update from Gideon’s mom: “We just met with the Dr…they couldn’t have asked for a better surgery. There was no excess bleeding and they are pretty sure they got it all out! We should be able to see him within the hour. How great is our God?!?”