Last night I saw the show on MTV “World’s Strictest Parents”. Basically, at the beginning of the show there are two teenagers who are ridiculous with bad behavior. Their parents don’t know how to control them. So they are sent off to spend the week with a family with strict parents.

When they get to the house, really all the parents do is hold high expectations for the kids and they don’t take any of their crap. The parents present house rules to the kids and they stand by them through the show. Two of the families I saw upheld good family values. They were parents that understood their job was not to just be the kids friend, but to guide them.

I thought it was pretty amazing (and sad) that these parents are put into a category that is so extreme, when really they are just fulfilling the duty of a parent. Not only were they strict, but they were loving and still wanted the best for the child.

I don’t really have much to say about it all. I don’t have kids right now and know that it will be very hard to make a choice for my child that makes him/her unhappy for any amount of time. So I won’t judge. But dang.

I also want to encourage strict parents. The world needs strict parents who truly desire the best for their kids.

What about you? Did you have “strict” parents? Did you hate the choices your parents chose for you and now understand them? Tell me about them.