The girls

I frequently refer to them as “the girls”. The two pictured above are my sisters (for those of you who are new to the blog). Man, I love these two.

I got to go visit the family this week. When I visit, I try to soak up as much time with these two as possible. To put it bluntly, I feel like I am missing out on them growing up. It breaks my heart. And, they are at a stage where they both like me. 🙂 This has not always been so, and I imagine will not always be. So, for now, I love on, cuddle with, give praise to and listen to these two as much as I can when I am around.

The one on the left hates to talk on the phone, and the one on the right seems to get embarrassed or too excited to be able to talk on the phone. So person-to-person is the way to go.

They are growing up SO fast. Necie, the one on the right, is in high school! She gets her driver’s permit in like 3-months! Holy cow! Okay, okay, I know I am starting to sound like an annoying parent gushing over her babies. Whatever, I love ’em.

Saturday Mom, the girls and I went shopping at several different stores. Then Tim and I took the girls bowling. It was so much fun. The power went out and we ended up playing games you would play around a camp fire. It was fun just to be with them. And they have a never ending list of things to do when you are bored. It was quite interesting.

Sunday we went to church then came home to have dinner with the whole family. Including Tim (my husband) and Megan (Josh’s girlfriend…Josh is my brother), we had eight people at the table! It was packed, but good times.

We were all coming together to celebrate Megan, Tim and Mom’s birthdays. Megan’s is 10/20, Tim’s 10/28 and Mom’s 11/09. Josh lives in Texas and I live 6 hours away, so we are rarely all together anymore. Next time will be Christmas… I think.

Anyway, that was my weekend.

What about your’s?