This weekend was such a lazy weekend. I found out at the last minute that my plans for Friday night were cancelled. So that meant I got to go home and hang out with Tim 🙂 Did I tell you we just got cable after not having it for over 2 years. Yeah, we have become couch potatoes fo sho (gangsta too, apparently). So Friday we rented movies (Monsters vs Aliens and Management).

Saturday, I slept in all the way to the late hour of 7:30 AM. I got up and decided I was going to re-pot my ever growing tree (I don’t know the name). It looks great by the way. I’ll get a picture of it up on here some time soon. Then I assembled a shelving unit above the downstairs toilette. That took a couple of hours. Or so it seemed. It probably only took one hour. After that, I pretty much did nothing. No really. I laid on my husband’s favorite recliner as he did homework and watched t.v. All. day. long. I finally went to bed around 12:30 AM. I am ridiculous and can’t help it. That’s a lie. I can.

Sunday we went to church were I got to hang out with some of my favorite 3-year olds. We went to Johnny Bruscos (yummy), went to pick up this awesome desk my computer now sits on, then came home to do another big fat nothing. I got it out of my system… for now. My weeks are SO jam-packed, it just feels so good to just lay around and have no goals for the weekend.

Of course I’ll only be able to do this for the next probably three years. After that, the kiddos will start coming 🙂 So I had better enjoy this now.

P/S: I love photography… looking at it that is.

What did you do this weekend?