Tim and I baby sat a 3 week old baby last night. I gotta tell you, I am already (since the day we got married) in “I want to have a baby” mode. Like something fierce. But, I know, if it is an option, it would be wiser to wait.

I am so glad my hubby is here to make rational decisions for us.

While we were in Ethiopia we visited an orphanage. Of course this got me talking about kids, once again. Tim usually will not talk to me about it. I tell him he has no imagination, he just says that this is not something we are going through now so it is hard for him to get excited about it. Whatever. Anyway, I started having the baby conversation, and he actually joined in! But what is funny, he said we could start our family next year (holy cow!!). But…. I said (I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth) that we should probably wait at least three more years.

I am about to start back to school for my M.Ed. and he still has at least 2 years in his undergrad. After he graduates, he will then go back for his Master’s in Communicative Disorders. So… I think that it will probably be a better idea if we wait. Ugh. I don’t like that answer, but if I want to be responsible at all, I guess that is the best choice.

I know what many of you will say. “If you wait til you are ready, you will never have a baby”. I know that, but I would like to be a little more ready than we are right now.

So, while I am REALLY wanting a baby, we are still waiting for another 3 years. joy.