My friend Laura and her husband are adopting from Ethiopia! They are finally at their very last fundraiser for their adoption. If you want your chance to win 10 BAGS OF STARBUCKS COFFEE for just $5, head over to Laura’s blog. That is such a great deal 🙂

Here is Laura’s description of the raffle:

“”This is our last and final fundraiser and in my opinion it’s a good one.  My sweet, sweet sister-in-law Becky, worked at one of the Starbucks in Memphis before they moved back to Nashville and on our last visit down there to see them, she made me go by her work before we headed back to Nashville.  To my surprise, when I went in they had a big box of coffee that the employees had donated for our adoption.  They even wrote cute little comments on the bags.  One even says, “Kyle Loves Babies”.  I was so taken back by their generosity.  So this raffle is for 10 bags of Starbucks coffee.  When I went tonight to write down all the flavors I realized that there were 9 bags instead of 10 (no, we didn’t borrow a bag for breakfast).  So I went to our Starbucks to purchase one last bag to make it 10.  I talked to one of the employees and he said they have 3 brand new flavors coming out Tuesday, so instead of buying a flavor they already had, I am going to head back on Tuesday and get a brand new flavor to add to the raffle.  So here is the list of flavors:

* Ethiopia Sidoma Bold Africa/Arabia

* Breakfast Blend Mild Latin America

* Caffe Verona Bold Mulit-Region Blend (Three bags)

* Komodo Dragon Bold Asia/Pacific

* Gold Coast Extra Bold Multi-Region Blend

* Decaf Sumatra Extra Bold Asia/Pacific

* French Roast Extra Bold Dark Roast Blend


So there you go.  Tickets are $5 and as usual buy 2 tickets get a third free and so on and so on.  Use the donate button on the right side and please spread the word.  The raffle will end Friday, July 3rd at noon.  We will post the winner soon after that.  Thanks everyone and thanks Becky.”

Go HERE to participate in the raffle.

P/S: Laura is a really great artist as well. Check out her work. I think she is taking a break in July (she is going to get her new kiddo!), but go ahead and get your orders ready for August! 🙂