Transportation in Ethiopia is very similar to other 3rd world countries. We traveled mostly in buses. The roads are really bumpy and the drivers take chances I would prefer they did not. They also have little motor cabs that can fit at most 5 people (you will see a picture of it in the “Pictures” post). Pedestrians are not shown any attention by the driver. I was terrified SO many times thinking someone would be ran over. But neither the driver nor the pedestrians flinched.

Three times our bus was stopped for a routine inspection. It was almost comical though b/c a really intimidating (i.e. holding a very large gun, decked out in camo and a bandanna over their face) policeman would get on our bus, see that we were white, say, “hi”, and then get back off the bus w/o inspecting anything.

Of course, the travel was a lot different than what were accustomed to. And we did a lot of it. But it was fun getting to travel together and getting know each other.