This weekend was good. I really don’t remember much about Friday, Saturday or Sunday. They were normal weekend days. But yesterday was a lot of fun, I think maybe it was simply that I had the day off from work. We slept late, played tennis, hung out with friends, and then played dominoes and ate pizza for several hours. I am very sore today from all of the tennis.

After our friends went home last night, Tim and I wrestled on the front porch for awhile. He woke up this morning with a big bruise on his wrist!  The only explanation we could think of was…me. I felt so bad. He doesn’t seem to mind. But I really don’t remember hitting him while we wrestled. 😦

Today is back to normal…except I am sore.

What did you do for your Memorial Day Weekend?

Update: We figured out that I DID NOT leave a bruise on Tim. It was from his racket after playing tennis all day.