We moved two weekends ago. I hate moving. Is there anyone who likes to move? Seriously, I have never heard anyone say, “I love to move”. I have heard of TONS of people who love to travel, but not move. Anyway, we moved. Only 40 minutes from where we were living, but it is MUCH closer to everything we are involved in. Like, 15 minutes away from everything. Love it (said in a musical tone).

The place we were living in was a one bedroom apartment. It was small, but we were fine. I would get claustrophobic every once and awhile, but I think that was only because we had only three windows, all along one wall. We learned how much crap we owned that we didn’t need (still learning that one). We probably got rid of half our stuff. Also, do you remember too that we live with two dogs in that small apartment? Well, they were fine too. They mostly hung out in the living room and our bed room. They adjusted, as did we. Now though, we are in a two bedroom, two story apartment. Much like a town home, only not. Much roomier. But it is like those dang dogs only remember the perimeter (is that the right word) of the other apartment. They have so much more space, but are so clingy! They have to be around us all of the time. Dang it!

We also moved two doors down from some of Tim’s best friends. They have been married for not even a year, and are about to have a baby (SURPRISE!). I am excited b/c Tim is excited to help out w/ the baby. I think his whole way of thinking is more of a, “I want to help them out” type of thing, but we are going to have a baby in our house often. Yay! (This is all coming from the whole, my husband says we have to wait 5 years after getting married to have a baby). So, hopefully this will help my goal of hanging out with little ones to tie me over until I actually do have babies. 🙂 I despised this rule when he first made it. But now I am SO thankful for it. Really. There are so many situations in my life where it is just easier to not have a child. We are able to live on one income, both of us are able to be back in school, we can travel more, we can work on our marriage more, and I am sure there is a lot more. Anyway, I will LOVE having kids, biological and adopted, it’s just not the right time right now. So, other people’s kids will do 🙂 (did that sound bad?).

It is really funny how often we hang out with them. We both have front and back doors, so each of us are constantly (ok, maybe not constantly) walking around back or front. The poor guy (not really, he seems like a jerk) between us will hate us pretty soon. I keep saying that we are going to accidentally walk into the wrong apartment one day.

Funny story: Our friends two doors down are Tracey & Philip. One day we had been hanging out at their place, and Tim and I came back to our’s. We had to go some where and were walking out the door. I had my head turned the other way when walking out when I heard this huge burp. I immediately thought it was Philip (b/c I apparently was oblivious to the fact that other people do in fact live in this building). While turning my head towards the sound, I said very loudly, “WHOA!!”. It was not Philip. It was the guy who lives between us, or his friend, but NOT Philip. Well, at the same time, apparently Tracey thought it was Tim. She yells out her window, “I HEARD THAT!!” I was SO embarrassed. I ducked my head and ran to the car (no exaggeration). I was blushing like crazy. Tracey was already inside her apartment so she didn’t even know what happened until hours later. Oh man, everyone is going to hate us. Well, at least the guy living between us will.