Did you have a good Easter? I did. God is SO good. I get to teach three year olds on Sunday mornings. This Sunday was a little different than I expected, but it was still so good. I love that I get to be in a room with 3 year olds while they dance around and yell, “Jesus is alive!” & “Hallelujah!”. The blessings we receive…

Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for us, while we were still sinners. That means, while we were still choosing to go against HIM, HE chose to die (a very agonizing death, not just because of the pain, but because HE could have stopped it at any time, and HE chose not to) to cover all of our wrong doings against HIM. Hallelujah!

I think it is really easy to think about Jesus on the cross and miss what all was really going on there. Here is a video that gives a medical perspective of what Christ went through on the cross.

*Side Note: Praise God that we have people in the medical profession who serve HIM! I love it!