Have I ever told you that I have a purse fetish? Well…I do. I love purses. Honestly, they are the only thing that I will buy multiples of when it comes to buying for me. I am not a girl who tries to dress in the latest fashions. I don’t get mani’s or pedi’s. I barely even wear makeup. But I do love purses. I don’t know what it is. Anyway, I will get to the point since I have begun to ramble.

This week I have come across a great ministry: Haitian Creations. The product of this ministry is, you guessed it, purses. The purses are handmade in Haiti, by the women of the Heartline Ministries Sewing Program. This is such an awesome concept.

Aaron wrote about it this week from his visit to Haiti:

“These women then sell their purses (through Heartline) and are able to make a personal profit off their products. They end up owning a sewing machine, keeping a portion of the profit and saving some in a personal banking account. In every practical way, they are learning skills and crafts to provide income and savings for themselves and their families. And they are incredibly skilled at it.”

Check out some of the designs! These are great!

purse-1 purse-2 purse-3 purse-4 purse-5 purse-6 purse-7 purse-8

*By clicking on any of these purses, it will take you to the artist and her other designs.