I have felt guilty for neglecting you, my lovely blog. So, I thought I would give you a week overview to keep you happy.

  • I actually worked out once this week. Does it count if I only work out once every couple of months?
  • I am really tired. All week I have been. No fun.
  • I got to see a calf (baby cow, not baby whale 🙂 ) just after it was born. It was so sweet.
  • I made a fool out of myself, as usual. My boss was just going to a meeting but needed something from his car. He asked me to go get it as he stepped into the meeting. I went out and searched where he told me it would be, but did not find what I had set out for. I interrupted the meeting to let him know. So he left the meeting to look for the said item. That’s when I discovered I had searched the wrong car. Oops! (Who leaves their car doors unlocked?)
  • I have watched a whole lot of Jon & Kate plus 8. (side note: every time I watch that show, I end up becoming more forceful, aggressive, pushy with Tim. I wonder why…)
  • Because of watching that show, I have been thinking (and wanting) about being a mom a lot! It won’t happen for a couple of more years (at least in our planning), but I can’t wait!
  • I watched a horrible movie about a girl who was tortured and killed. I honestly did not realize it would be this way. It messed me up quite a bit for a couple of days. And it made me realize that I need to start being more careful with what I watch.
  • Still thinking about how I need to do my taxes. Maybe I will do that this weekend?
  • Have I mentioned I am tired.
  • Got great responses (more so on Facebook) on a note I wrote this week about the Economy & the Church. Very encouraging.
  • Discovered I left my favorite (and only) hair dryer at the resort from girls’ weekend right after I got out of the shower while getting ready for work. 😦
  • Started drinking Diet Coke again. Well, ok. I’ll be honest. Started drinking it more frequently. I never really stopped.
  • Tried a new recipe: Turkey Meatloaf. I didn’t like it too much, but Tim ate it just fine. He is really not a picky eater though. At least it wasn’t a waste 🙂
  • Discovered some new things about my Mac (I use a Mac laptop at work and am not too big of a fan of it). So that’s good news.

That’s all I’ve got for you right now. At least that’s all I can think of at this moment. I feel pretty brain dead right now.