I really don’t know if the “da da”s are right for the lyrics of that song. Oh well. It fits…for me at least. This post is basically just going to be bullets points of the weekend/day to save me (and most definitely you) from having to type out tons of paragraphs 🙂

  • This past weekend was Girls’ Weekend in Gatlinburg. Katie Beth and myself have not seen each other in months. And because she just got back from an amazing three month trip to Italy, it was about time we played catch up! (Pictures to come later, but not very many b/c I am a horrible photographer apparently!)
  • I got some really great pin striped pants from the Banana Republic outlet store. They are a tad too big and a tad too long, but hey, I figure it is better than a tad too tight!
  • Tim and I had a great night last night. When I got home he talked me into going to the gym with him. I agreed, but only because I could walk on the tredmill and get by pretty easy. We got there, and no joke, the darn thing wouldn’t turn on. So, I did 20 minutes on the olyptical. My legs were like jello later on! (I am SO out of shape)
  • Tim and I, along with the rest of our Community Group, are going through a marriage work book. It is pretty interesting. We will see how it goes. More than anything, I am enjoying sitting down with Tim and going through it together.
  • I wore my hair wavy today. I hardly ever do, but I like it 🙂 mypicture1
  • My driver’s side window on my car has great difficulty rolling back up at times if you choose to roll it down (it is electric). This morning I swung by Pal’s to get some sweet tea and a sausage biscuit. I am lazy and it is cold, so I decided to risk it and just roll down the window. Yeah, it didn’t roll back up. So I had to make the thirty minute drive w/ the window down, with it snowing and the temperature at 19 degrees! Holy cow! Thankfully I got it to roll back up around 10 this morning.
  • Talked to Bethany today about Interim Care. Not that we will be choosing this any time soon, just looking at our options. (No, we are not serious enough right now to set up any appointments. The building I work in has a Bethany office, so I see them every day. Just a convenient chat 🙂
  • Going to the doctor today to get my second round of Hep. B shots for our Ethiopia trip in June 🙂
  • I am really starting to get worried about my memory. I seem to have no short term memory. But then I can remember some of the most random things to the detail. It is really odd. And embarrassing at times.

Ok, I think that is all I have going on right now! Busy, busy! But fun times!

How was your weekend/Monday?