Ok, yeah, I know the title sounds a little sketchy. Sorry.

I was talking with a dear friend last night. She and I were good friends in college. She lived right down the hall from me my first year (and only year) in a dorm. Now, she is a dental hygienist and lives a couple of hours away from me.

We were talking, as I have already told you, last night about her job. She works one day a week at a dentist office. Then about two days a week she will be called into to another office (kind of like a dental hygiene temp agency). We were talking about a new opportunity that has presented itself to her where she will possibly work more than three days a week. She said that she really didn’t want to because three days out of the week was what she felt was all she could work and still “do life”.

Now, when she first told me this, I wanted to laugh and tell her to join the real world. Everyone works five days a week and does just fine. But when I started thinking about it, I work five days a week and I can’t find time to do all that I want. So maybe working three days a week is a solution to all of our problems. I think Katie may be a genius!

So now I want to know… How do you do it?