clothes strewn all over, skirting the borders of the bed, falling out of laundry baskets tossed on the floor…closets packed full and incredibly unorganized…unwanted and unread books stacked on the floor because there is no more room on the book shelf…jackets thrown on spare chairs…the living room is in total disarray…you can barely see the white tile on the surface top of the kitchen table…no one can ride along in the car because the back seat is full of boxes, magazines, dishes, clothes, and who knows what else…you pay the bills when you can because you don’t really know when any of them are due…in the back of your mind you keep thinking it is time to do those taxes, and yet…you now have a big, bottomless pit purse, so who knows what is really in there…the contents of your life right now is just too much, living in excess

This really is me right now. I know. It is scary and ridiculous. The only rooms in our small one bedroom apartment are the kitchen and the bathroom. I suppose that is because we use everything in those rooms every day. Instead of just using the bed in our bedroom. Also, Tim hates a dirty kitchen, and I hate a dirty bathroom.

If you know me well, you know that I absolutely love organizational tools. I LOVE planners. I usually buy at least 3 per year. But then I don’t really use them. I love all of this stuff, but when it comes to be using them, I don’t feel up to it.

Something has got to happen…like, this week. Starting tonight, I am tackling this ludicrous problem.

One thing that I have learned from living like this…we have TOO MUCH STUFF/JUNK. Those clothes that have laid there for weeks now, do we really need them? The items falling out of the hall closet, do we really need them? The books that are laying there that we never read and probably never will, do we need them? The answer is NO.

Spring Cleaning, here we come…