What a load of crap! Sorry if you feel that the above statement is true, but I do not. I truly and totally love my husband and he loves me, but we HAVE to work at it daily! And from what I understand, this is the general consensus amongst most married couples.

Now you might be in one of those relationships where everything just magically happens and is easy. BUT, you are the exception. And in a lot of cases (not all, but a lot), if you think things are easy, it is because you are not working on those hard issues.

What brought this on? you might ask. I read somewhere that Vanessa Hudgins (you know, High School Musical) said, “If it is true love, you shouldn’t have to work at it”. Great. Then the article went on to say that Zac (her beau) came in the room, she ran up to him and rubbed his belly and he threw his arm around her. “Their actions spoke louder than any statement she could make”. Again with the load of crap.

This makes me so sad that this is what most teenage girls are looking to. Sorry for the rant. I just wanted to….vent.

One more thing: yes, marriage is hard. Yes, there are a lot of arguments that are unnecessary and ridiculous, but I am thankful for necessary and/or ridiculous. Working through all of the hard stuff has brought us so much closer and has made us learn more about each other and work it out.

Ok, stepping down now đŸ˜‰