For the past several mornings I have woken up and my whole body has been sore. Ugh, I hate that. Sleeping for eight hours, and still feeling like a mess when I wake up. One night a couple of weeks ago I started to think about it while I lay, uncomfortably, in bed. What side do I sleep on? Usually I end up on my stomach, with my arms tucked under my body. I think that I do this because during the day when I am sitting/standing, I slouch a lot. Tucking my arms under my body at night allows me to slouch while laying down. Isn’t that pretty stinkin’ ridiculous?! Why do I need to have poor posture while laying down?!

Anyway… So I have started recently also waking up in the mornings laying on my back, and am so comfortable! About a year ago Tim bought us some memory foam pillows. Now I thought it was a waste then, but when I lay on my back, they are worth every penny! So at night I have started off trying to lay on my back, but it is not comfortable (emotionally/habitually/mentally).

So I can either lay on my stomach and not be comfortable (physically) or lay on my back and not be comfortable (emotionally/habitually/mentally).

Why do I have to be such a complicated person?