I know that he never looks at this. But I don’t expect him to. It just isn’t him. And I have learned to love that about him. So, as much as it may make you want to gag, or stop reading, I wanted to share a few reasons why I love my honey..

*He is one of the most genuine, sincere people I have ever met. Everyone who knows him knows that if he says/does it, he means it.

*He teaches me new things, with LOTS of patience, daily.

*He is not scared to fight with me

*His #1 reason that he loves me (which I won’t tell you, sorry)

*baw-chica-waw-waw 😉

*He will be a GREAT father, and will be the one to discipline (thank goodness, b/c I am horrible at that!)

*He wants to make a difference

*He plays the drums, oh yeah, that’s hot!

*He likes to spoil me

*He wants to be a good and godly father.

*He tells me I am his favorite.

*He is loyal.

*He doesn’t believe in obligations (which, at some point can be a problem, but has freed me from so much)

*I feel safe and comfortable in myself with him.

*We are complete opposites (a good friend recently asked us what we have in common, and the only thing we could think of is our desperate desire to be good, loving, godly parents. lol)

Goodness, I love this man so much! I cannot tell you how much healing has happened with me just from him loving me. He is good to me. The Lord has really blessed me with such a wonderful husband.

me and my love

me and my love