I know, I know. I have neglected you. I am sorry. I have just been in a funk lately. Not like I am in a bad mood or anything. I just haven’t known what to tell you. A lot has happened though. Fun times. So, to try to catch you up somewhat, I am going to use the good ole bullet points. 🙂

  • Started the new job….and am loving it.
  • Gone to a meeting about traveling to Ethiopia in June.
  • Trying to learn how to use a Mac after using a PC during my entire experience with computers.
  • Said Happy Birthday to both of my sisters.

    Diana and Necie

    Diana and Necie.

  • Read the entire Twilight series…including Midnight Sun (yes, I am still in middle school).
  • Learning more and more everyday how much I need to start some sort of exercise routine.
  • Started the book “Sacred Marriage” with my love
  • planned a girls weekend for the end of February (YAY!!)
  • Figured out that I need better glasses (my prescription now is from at least 5 years ago)
  • went to an Old Crow Medicine Show concert (it was GREAT!)
  • Have been learning more about adoption , not that we will be adopting any time soon…but it doesn’t hurt.
  • Started a sponsoring relationship with Daphene from Haiti.
  • began to think about the future

I think that is all for now. I promise to try harder on this thing 😉 I am keeping up with all of you through Google Reader. And when I don’t have to come to my blog to get to you, it is easy to not keep it up. I hope everyone is great!